Chicago P.D. promo released for new episode called End of Watch

Ruzek Chicago PD S9 E6
Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek on the Chicago P.D. Season 9 cast. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

A new episode of Chicago P.D. is going to feature Ruzek working on a case with an old colleague as Intelligence tries to help take down a crime ring.

The TV promo for the new episode called End of Watch definitely suggests that there may be more to this colleague than meets the eye, so, of course, other members of Intelligence are going to do some side investigating.

It’s good that the Chicago P.D. writers are giving Ruzek a central storyline that doesn’t involve just taking care of Burgess or their adopted daughter. He has been on the sidelines for the Voight and Upton drama, as well as the last episode of Chicago P.D. where Atwater got the central storyline.

Now, Chicago P.D. fans are going to get to see an episode that also hints at revealing a bit more from Ruzek’s past, as well.

Chicago P.D. Season 9, Episode 6 synopsis

Below is the full episode synopsis that NBC has released for Season 9, Episode 6. The episode called End of Watch will air for the first time on NBC at 10/9c on Wednesday, October 27.

“Ruzek reunites with an old colleague to take down a crime ring, but when things don’t add up, Voight and Burgess do some investigating of their own.”

Chicago P.D. TV promo for End of Watch

Here is the promo that is currently airing on NBC for the new episode of Chicago P.D.

As for the actor popping up as a member of the Chicago P.D. cast for this episode, that is Ricardo Chavira, who is known for his roles of Carlos Solis on Desperate Housewives and Abraham Quintanilla on Selena: The Series.

More Chicago P.D. drama to come during Season 9

The Chicago P.D. TV ratings continue to be very good for NBC, with the Wednesday night drama continuously winning its timeslot each week in total viewers and also the key demo of people aged 18-49.

The Chicago P.D. ratings have even held up extremely well against CSI: Vegas. That’s the new CSI spin-off that seeks to bring back some characters from the past and mix them with new faces to see if viewers want more content from the franchise.

Some bad news about Chicago P.D. Season 9 recently came out when we learned that no One Chicago crossover event will take place during Fall 2021. Plans had been in place for one to happen, but the safety protocols on the three sets have just made it too difficult to pull off.

Looking forward, we are definitely going to see more drama in regard to what Voight and Upton did with Roy, especially since Halstead now knows the secret. There are likely to be a lot of intriguing storylines addressed when the FBI investigation shows up at the front door for Intelligence.

Stay tuned folks, because the slow burn for that story isn’t done yet, and the Chicago P.D. cast could be in for some changes as a result.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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