Chicago P.D.: New TV promo hints at Ruzek’s cover getting blown

Ruzek in Chicago PD Season 10
Patrick John Flueger as Officer Adam Ruzek on the Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago P.D. is about to have another episode about the case against the Becks.

The Becks are a family that seems to be running a major criminal enterprise in Chicago.

The first time that Intelligence had to deal with them, Samantha Beck (Caitlin Mehner) was kidnapped for ransom.

As the team tried to save her, it became clear that her father, Richard Beck (Lee Tergesen), was hiding something.

Officer Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) went undercover and planted himself within the Becks’ organization.

Now the show is circling back to that narrative, with some heavy hints that Ruzek’s undercover mission could go awry.

Chicago P.D. Season 10, Episode 18 synopsis

“A tragic crime leads the team closer to the Beck family and their deadly ideology. Ruzek makes progress infiltrating the Becks, earning Samantha and Richard’s trust with a bold move,” reads the synopsis for the new episode of Chicago P.D.

This episode is called You Only Die Twice and airs for the first time on April 5.

Chicago P.D. TV promo for the new episode

Below is the quick TV promo that NBC is running for the next episode of Chicago P.D.

In the footage, an overlay of text hints at a ticking clock before Ruzek’s cover gets blown. But maybe that is just a misdirect, and Ruzek is about to get even deeper with the Becks?

More One Chicago news

For Chicago P.D. fans who want to go back and watch the previous episodes about the Becks, they are Episode 12 (I Can Let You Go) and Episode 15 (Blood and Honor).

As for the other One Chicago dramas, Matt Casey’s return footage for Chicago Fire has been released. He will be featured during the new episode.

Actor Jesse Spencer has agreed to return during the extended absence of Taylor Kinney. The show losing a character as important as Kelly Severide has led to this situation.

Someone new will likely join the Chicago Fire cast for Season 11 because acting-lieutenant Joe Cruz sent home the new guy at Firehouse 51. Keith Bamford (Chris McKenna) wasn’t a good fit.

As a reminder, the new episode of Chicago P.D. that features Ruzek and the Becks debuts on April 5. After that, the show goes on another brief hiatus at NBC.

Chicago P.D. fans should watch Season 10, Episode 17 ahead of this new episode. Several character developments took place that will impact the rest of the season.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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1 year ago

Please don’t kill off Adam “””””””””” we all want Kim and Adam together for ever