Chicago Fire TV promo features new Matt Casey footage

Jesse Spencer On The Red Carpet
Jesse Spencer has returned to the Chicago Fire cast for Season 11. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Jesse Spencer has rejoined the Chicago Fire cast for a new episode of the show.

That new installment will serve as Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 18 on NBC.

Jesse is back to play the role of Captain Matt Casey on April 5.

The character was an important part of the team at Firehouse 51 and one that fans have missed.

Casey hasn’t been on the show since the Season 10 finale, so this is a big moment.

And ahead of his return, NBC has released an episode promo featuring that big surprise.

Jesse Spencer returns to Chicago Fire

The footage below gives Chicago Fire fans an early look at the long-awaited return of Matt Casey.

A lot of mystery has surrounded this new episode, but NBC finally released a TV promo to help create some buzz.

It has done just that, with Chicago Fire fans who didn’t know he was coming back getting excited.

As a reminder, this new episode featuring Matt Casey will debut on the night of Wednesday, April 5.

Why is Matt Casey back on Chicago Fire?

“A familiar face returns to Firehouse 51 to serve with Kidd on a special task force,” reads part of the synopsis for the April 5 episode of Chicago Fire.

Getting to see Casey and Stella Kidd working together again should be a lot of fun after they spent years together on Truck 81.

It’s just too bad that Kelly Severide won’t be a part of the same episode. Actor Taylor Kinney is still in the middle of a leave of absence from the show.

In one of the recent episodes, Kelly Severide’s exit was explained by other characters.

Within the footage above, an embrace is also shown between Casey and Sylvie Brett. They used to date, but the long-distance relationship wasn’t working.

With Brett seeing someone new on the show, this could lead to awkward moments for the pair.

It could also be interesting to see how Casey responds to the new Chicago Fire showmance or if the writers have tabled that storyline for a bit.

More news from One Chicago

New episodes of Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. air on April 5.

April 12 will feature repeated episodes from earlier in the current seasons.

During the downtime, One Chicago fans can stream all past episodes on Peacock to pass the time.

As for new seasons, the One Chicago shows have not been renewed yet, raising some questions among the fans.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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