Chicago P.D.: Goodbye song for Jesse Lee Soffer shared

Soffer Chicago PD
Jesse Lee Soffer played Jay Halstead on the Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago P.D. star Jesse Lee Soffer left the show early in Season 10, bringing to an end his long character arc with Detective Jay Halstead.

There have been a number of rumors about Halstead returning to help Intelligence, but there is nothing officially in the cards for that in the short-term plans for One Chicago.

It’s not the end of Jesse working with the show, though, as he is returning to Chicago P.D. in a new role that could provide an interesting episode or two.

Within the world of One Chicago, Jay Halstead’s brother, Will Halstead, is a doctor on Chicago Med, leading to several times where the characters would appear on the other show.

Nick Gehlfuss plays Will Halstead on the Chicago Med cast, and it appears that he bonded quite a bit with his on-screen brother over the years.

That bond is what led to a really fun song that was shared online.

Nick Gehlfuss sings goodbye to Jesse Lee Soffer

In the video shared below, we get to see Nick in sunglasses while strumming a guitar for the camera. He then starts singing about the characters that he and Jesse played on the show while providing some humor and a heartfelt message to his friend.

More to come from One Chicago in 2023

There are more changes coming after the dramatic Chicago P.D. fall finale. It begins in the first new episode from January 2023, where someone from Ruzek’s past works with Intelligence on a new case.

Over at Chicago Fire, the show left off on a huge cliffhanger in the fall, with firefighters Stella Kidd and Sam Carver still inside of a house when a rocket-propelled grenade went off. The winter premiere will reveal whether or not they survived.

We will also see a new member of the Chicago Med cast, as the show has tapped a former soap opera star to appear in Season 8. With a new boss now in charge at the hospital, viewers should also expect the tone of the show to shift a bit as the new episodes begin rolling out.

While Jay Halstead is no longer working with Intelligence, fans can still go back and watch older episodes from the show to see the character in action. The first nine seasons of Chicago P.D. are available for streaming through Paramount+.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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