Chicago P.D. cast: Who plays FBI Special Agent Walker North?

Alex Morf Chicago PD S9
Actor Alex Morf has joined the Chicago P.D. Season 9 cast. Pic credit: NBC

The Chicago P.D. cast introduced FBI Special Agent Walker North on the last episode of the show and this is a character that could be a thorn in the side of Intelligence.

During the episode called Fractures, Agent North brought in Voight for some questioning and then spoke individually with each member of his team. He also spent a really long time grilling Upton about what might have happened with the suspect, Roy Walton.

As the viewers know, Voight got rid of Roy’s body after Upton killed him. Later, Halstead got Voight to admit to what had happened, so Halstead has been ensnared in the situation as well.

At the very end of Fractures, Agent North revealed to Halstead that he had found Roy’s body. And now the FBI man wants Halstead to help him take down Voight. But would Halstead turn on Voight and possibly put Upton at risk?

Who plays FBI Agent Walker North on the Chicago P.D. cast?

Actor Alex Morf has taken on the unassuming role of FBI Agent Walker North during Season 9 of Chicago P.D. North seems to be playing down how adept he is at the job and he has made big moves since taking over the case of Roy Walton. Morf does a good job in the role and we haven’t seen the last of him.

Morf might seem familiar to Chicago P.D. fans due to all of the shows he has guest-starred on in the past. He was on a recent episode each of FBI (Discord as Cody McCowan), Batwoman (Bat Girl Magic! as Victor Zsasz), Manifest (Black Box as Logan Strickland), and New Amsterdam (Croaklahoma as Agent Hayes).

He also appeared on two episodes of Mr. Robot as Deegan McGuire, two episodes of Gotham as Sykes, and three episodes of Mindhunter as Detective Ocasek.

Chicago P.D. Season 9 could be a turning point for drama

It looks like we are heading toward some very dramatic new episodes of Chicago P.D. The synopsis for the fall finale certainly seems foreboding, especially with how close the FBI is to learning the truth about the Roy Walton investigation.

The Chicago P.D. showrunner also revealed some spoilers about Officer Kevin Atwater and how some of his past actions are going to come back to haunt him as the rest of the season plays out.

Could all of the drama and in-fighting between the members of Intelligence lead to a big Chicago P.D. cast shake-up? We will all have to keep tuning in on Wednesday nights to find out.

As a reminder, the Chicago P.D. fall finale airs on December 8.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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