Chicago Med wrap party: Luke Mitchell shares fun photos

New Chicago Med Doctor
Luke Mitchell as Dr. Mitch Ripley on the Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

The Chicago Med cast and crew have finished filming for the current season.

Season 9 ends on NBC this May, with some big drama ahead for the hospital

NBC has also ordered Chicago Med Season 10. Those new episodes will debut in the fall.

Here’s a look at when Chicago Med Season 9 finally returns from hiatus. The One Chicago shows have a long break before returning, with the final episodes later in the spring.

It’s all building toward an exciting night of season finales when the current Med, Fire, and P.D. seasons end in late May.

With the completion of filming also comes a party, which the Chicago Med cast and crew recently enjoyed.

A look at the Chicago Med wrap party

New Chicago Med star Luke Mitchell (he plays Dr. Mitch Ripley) shared some photos from the Med wrap party. He also shared a mysterious message that might have fans worried he is done with the show.

“That’s a S9 wrap on Ripley!! Feeling lots of things. Gratitude, mostly. Love these people. #ChicagoMed,” Luke wrote as the caption to an Instagram photo of his character.

Luke also added photos to his Instagram Stories to celebrate the big day.

“Wrap party vibes,” reads the message written on black and white photos from the set. One of the photos features Luke being filmed.

Chicago Med wrap party
Chicago Med wrap party vibes. Pic credit: @LukeMitchell17/Instagram

The next image also features Luke on set, but a surprise resides in the lower half. That’s Brian Tee returning to direct a new episode. He used to star on the Chicago Med cast as Dr. Ethan Choi.

Chicago Med Wrap Party 2
More Chicago Med wrap party vibes. Pic credit: @LukeMitchell17/Instagram

Below is an image of a cake from the Chicago Med party. It’s a fancy rendition, with a heavy hint about a helicopter appearing on its side.

Chicago Med Cake
A Chicago Med cake on set. Pic credit: @LukeMitchell17/Instagram

And what would a party be without some dancing? Below is a screenshot from a wrap party video. It shows the cast and crew dancing and celebrating that filming has been completed for the season.

Chicago Med Dancing
Time to dance for the Chicago Med cast and crew. Pic credit: @LukeMitchell17/Instagram

More news from the One Chicago shows

The Chicago Fire cast added a new firefighter for later this season. He is the latest new face at Firehouse 51.

And goodbye videos were shared for Tracy Spiridakos by a Chicago P.D. producer. Her run as Detective Hailey Upton ends this spring, and she has completed filming.

Previous episodes of Chicago Med are available for streaming on Peacock.

As a reminder, Chicago Med returns from its spring hiatus for a new episode on May 1.

Chicago Med airs Wednesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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