Chicago Med spoilers: When does Dr. Ethan Choi return to the show again?

Ethan Choi Med Season 7
Brian Tee continues to play Dr. Ethan Choi on the Chicago Med Season 7 cast. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

Chicago Med spoilers about actor Brian Tee and when his character Dr. Ethan Choi will return to the show have been revealed.

It has been rough going for Choi, who was shot on the Chicago Med Season 6 finale by a former patient.

When Choi stepped in front of a bullet that was meant for Dr. Dean Archer (played by Steven Weber), it nearly cost Choi his life.

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Midway through the Fall 2021 episodes of the show, Choi did try to return to work in the ED, but while he was saving a patient, he seriously injured himself again, forcing him to go through another surgery.

Since that injury took place, Choi has been off the screen healing up, leading to a lot of questions from Chicago Med fans about whether or not actor Brian Tee was leaving the show.

When is Dr. Ethan Choi coming back to Chicago Med?

According to a report from CinemaBlend, Chicago Med showrunners Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider know exactly when fans of the show will get to see Dr. Ethan Choi again.

The next episode that will feature Choi is Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 12. The air date of that episode is a bit unclear due to the upcoming Winter Olympics on NBC, but it sounds like a really touching storyline that is going to reveal a lot more about Choi’s family and background.

CinemaBlend also quoted Frolov as saying, “We’re gonna see him again in Episode 12. So, in three more episodes, we’ll see him again. He’s still in recovery, and then he will come back a little bit later in the season. He’s going to have a very moving story with Dr. Charles in Episode 12.”

The upcoming Chicago Med winter premiere is Season 7, Episode 10, so the wait for Dr. Choi to return won’t be that much longer.

Choi Injures Himself While Working on a Patient | NBC's Chicago Med

Chicago Med Season 7 returns with new episodes

There are a lot of storylines that still need to be addressed when Chicago Med returns from its long winter hiatus.

On the Chicago Med fall finale, the writers dropped a bombshell on viewers, as several arrests took place at the hospital Christmas party due to that ongoing investigation that Sharon Goodwin and Will Halstead had been carrying out.

The next new episode of Chicago Med airs on January 5, when the winter premieres of each One Chicago show will debut on NBC. It’s going to be a big night, so make sure to be ready for the return of Chicago Wednesdays.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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