Chicago Med recap: Dr. Ethan Choi returns to the ED

Choi Returns To Chicago Med
Marlyne Barrett as Maggie and Brian Tee as Ethan Choi on Chicago Med Season 7 cast. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

The new episode of Chicago Med included the highly-anticipated return of Dr. Ethan Choi.

We hadn’t seen actor Brian Tee at all this season, with his character (Choi) recovering after getting shot during the Season 6 finale.

There were also a number of other substories to get to, including the resolution of several that began on the last episode of Chicago Med.

But it really didn’t matter what the other doctors were doing because many Chicago Med fans just wanted to see Choi back in the ED.

Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 7 recap

Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 7 was called A Square Peg In A Round Hole, and it started out with Dr. Hammer serving her mom breakfast at her home. In the last episode, Hammer had her mom’s van towed so that she could take care of her mom and get her off the streets.

At the hospital, Vanessa Taylor found out that Maggie had told Dr. Charles about their relationship and that Sharon had known all along. It led to her wanting to prove herself even more than before. That became an exasperated issue due to the pills she was taking to stay awake.

Lots of new and continuing cases in the Chicago Med ED

Taylor worked on a patient who was hallucinating things. It started with snakes coming out of vents in the hospital, and they thought she was on drugs that led to an injury to her arm that was bleeding badly. That patient’s name was Astrid Meadows, and she was played by guest star Lily Harris on the show.

Maggie went to get Vanessa some more help dealing with Astrid and came across everyone just standing around. It turned out that everyone was excitedly welcoming back Dr. Ethan Choi. Maggie went to give him a hug, and then the show went to commercial… while Astrid was still bleeding and waiting for help.

When the show returned, Dr. Charles was checking in on Choi. Choi spoke with Sharon briefly about returning to work slowly, and then he thanked Archer for saving his life after the shooting. Archer later worked on him with some drills in order to get the feel for operating on patients again.

Dr. Marcel did a checkup on Dr. Blake’s daughter, who was in the hospital to have her wounds checked. She basically asked him on a date, but he declined since she was still his patient. Later, Dr. Marcel would help Dr. Blake on the transplant patient they had been dealing with for weeks. They saved him thanks to quick thinking by Marcel, and Blake was left very impressed.

Dr. Hammer and Dr. Scott worked on a father and son who had been in a bad car accident. The father was at risk of being paralyzed due to his injuries, but there was no next of kin old enough to make decisions for him. Dr. Hammer fought for a treatment to possibly save his ability to walk, and it worked.

In the continuing investigation by Dr. Halstead, he was still trying to figure out the truth about Dr. Cooper. At a conference, Halstead tried to record Cooper talking about being bribed. Cooper then offered Halstead some drugs to help spice up the party. Halstead declined, but right after Cooper was about to admit what he did, he ingested the drugs and passed out. Halstead had to perform CPR to bring him back and Cooper is now recovering at Med.

Elsewhere, Sharon banned the VasCom from the hospital after the patient who was on it died in the last episode. It didn’t last long, as the hospital board came in and told her they were postponing the ban until they researched it more themselves.

The end of the episode was a busy one, beginning with Charles calling out Vanessa on how he felt she was taking something to deal with the long hours. She became flustered and ran out.

When Hammer got home, after dealing with the intense father and son case, she came clean to her mom about having her van towed. Her mom became violent and started breaking things, including glass that bounced and cut up Hammer’s arm pretty badly. As Hammer tended to her arm, her mother ran out.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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