Chicago Med seasons are now streamable through Netflix, Peacock, and Hulu

Chicago Med Early Cast
The Chicago Med cast is now featured on Netflix. Pic credit: by Nino Munoz/NBCUniversal

The first five seasons of Chicago Med are available to stream on Netflix. This is great news for fans who want to either go back and re-watch some older episodes or turn back the clock to watch some that they haven’t seen before.

The big reveal was made this week and already fans of the One Chicago show are enjoying watching episodes from the past. It’s a great treat that allows fans to easily binge-watch the first 103 episodes that were originally released on NBC.

So far, just the first five seasons of Chicago Med are available on Netflix, but with 103 episodes through those first five years, it is a lot of enjoyable content. For TV viewers who have enjoyed shows like ER or Third Watch in the past, this could be another interesting one to watch.

Chicago Med Season 6 is currently streaming on Hulu and Peacock, giving viewers a way to watch the most recent season of the show.

How to stream Chicago Med

To access the first five seasons of Chicago Med on Netflix, the easiest way to get there is to do a general search of all programs. Clicking into Chicago Med will automatically start up the first episode, which was called Derailed.

On Season 1, Episode 1 of Chicago Med, the emergency department is interrupted by victims of an elevated train crash, pushing the staff to their limits. It’s a great way for the show to introduce the original Chicago Med cast, especially while they exist within the same TV universe as Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.

A subscription is required to watch the first five seasons of Chicago Med on Netflix.

The good news is that all six seasons of Chicago Med can currently be watched through Peacock as well. That’s all 119 episodes, right at the fingertips of the fans.

Information on Chicago Med Season 7

A lot of news about Chicago Med Season 7 has been coming out lately. That includes the season premiere date, which falls on Wednesday, September 22.

Two major characters left the Chicago Med cast during the Season 6 finale, so the show is going to be heading in a new direction when it returns from the long summer hiatus.

In conjunction with the departures, two new Chicago Med cast members were just announced. Viewers will get to see those new faces right away during Season 7, as they are going to play important roles on the show.

A major crossover is also in the works with Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. That could arrive very early in the fall of 2021, and this will be the first real crossover in quite a while due to the pandemic filming restrictions.

For viewers who watch all three shows, we may have some huge Chicago Fire spoilers about who survives that boat rescue. It’s a question that has plagued fans of the One Chicago shows since the season finales aired.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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