Chicago Med fall finale is one fans should not miss

Ethan Choi On Chicago Med
Brian Tree as Ethan Choi on Chicago Med. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

The Chicago Med fall finale will have Dr. Crockett Marcel in the spotlight as he tries to pull off a miracle procedure.

Most of this season of the show has been building to this moment, with Crockett already becoming the hero doctor of Chicago.

Now, all of his skills will be tested, and according to the TV promo shared below, everything won’t go smoothly.

But that’s not all that we are excited about seeing take place during Chicago Med Season 8, Episode 9.

During the previous episode, we found out that Dr. Ethan Choi and April Sexton are getting married. It’s highly likely that we are about to see something in that regard.

With all of the invitations that were handed out, it seems like this will end up being a big affair for nearly everyone at the hospital.

Chicago Med fall finale TV promo

Below is the TV promo for the Chicago Med fall finale, which will debut on Wednesday, December 7, at 8/7c on NBC.

It looks like Dr. Will Halstead has a patient who is going to need Crockett and the new technology provided by the hospital’s guardian angel.

We don’t see any footage that includes Ethan or April, but it’s safe to assume they will get their own storyline.

Are we also heading toward a cliffhanger of some sort? Because that’s exactly what the One Chicago shows love to do right before the big winter hiatus on the NBC schedule.

More One Chicago news

December 7 is going to be a big night for all three Chicago-based shows. It’s one of those evenings where fans of One Chicago will want to tune in for all three hours of primetime television on NBC.

On the Chicago Fire fall finale, a police case that Kelly Severide has been working on will come front and center for the people of Firehouse 51. Could there be some consequences to what has been going on?

And on a dramatic Chicago P.D. fall finale, it looks like Intelligence will hit a big roadblock in their child trafficking case. The return of Yellowstone actor Jefferson White appears to be on the table as his character, Sean O’Neal, continues to be investigated.

To catch up on previous episodes from Chicago Med Season 8, everything is available for streaming on Peacock. Included are the final episodes for several doctors who have left the show this fall.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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