Chicago Med: Dr. Asher must save her friend’s life in new episode

Jessy Schram Chicago Med
Jessy Schram plays Dr. Hannah Asher on the Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: ©

Chicago Med is bringing back a character from earlier in Season 8 for the next new episode of the show.

Raquel Dominguez is back as Liza Martin for the new Chicago Med episode, On Days Like Today.

Previously, she appeared in the E.D. as a pregnant woman who had been struggling to overcome her drug addiction.

Liza had been friends with Dr. Hannah Asher during a time when they were both addicts.

At first, Liza really didn’t want to be treated by Hannah since the doctor knew about her history. Later, they bonded again over their shared struggles.

Now, Liza returns to the hospital to give birth to her baby, but from the TV promo, it appears that she has relapsed and might not be ready to take care of a baby on her own.

Chicago Med Season 8, Episode 14 synopsis

“Crockett relies on O.R. 2.0 to save a construction worker’s severed hand. Charles and Goodwin clash as negotiations drag on between the administration and the custodial workers’ union,” reads the beginning of the new episode synopsis.

“Hannah fights to keep a mother and her newborn baby together,” reads the rest of the synopsis, directly referencing what can be seen in the TV promo shared below.

Chicago Med TV promo for February 22 episode

The title of the new episode is On Days Like Today… Silver Linings Become Lifelines, and it seems to hint that the doctors are going to have to look deep for some good news about their patients.

Featured in this TV promo are Liza, Dr. Asher, and Dr. Dean Archer.

More from One Chicago

After the next episode of Chicago Med, there is going to be a mini-crossover on Chicago Fire. It’s going to be a nice treat for the fans of that show.

Later that night, the 200th episode of Chicago P.D. will debut, and the advertisements give it the look of a movie. This is going to be a big case for Intelligence to solve, with the clock ticking down due to how it will all play out.

In regard to filming the milestone episode, some fun behind-the-scene photos from Chicago P.D. were shared to mark the occasion. It even included a cake with the faces of the key cast members on it.

To catch up on all previously aired episodes from Chicago Med, Peacock can be used for streaming. That’s also a great place to watch some of the classic earlier episodes of Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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