Chicago Fire’s Taylor Kinney poses for a new photo with a fan

Taylor Kinney Smile
The Chicago Fire cast still features Taylor Kinney as Firefighter Kelly Severide.. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Taylor Kinney from the Chicago Fire cast has popped up in a new fan photo shared online.

The veteran actor plays firefighter Kelly Severide on the hit NBC drama but recently took a leave of absence.

Since he rarely posts on social media, fans don’t usually get updates on what Taylor is up to.

In regard to his absence from the show, the specific reason has also been kept under wraps.

The hope from many Chicago Fire fans is that Taylor will be back on the show before the end of the current season.

Recently, though, the writers did reveal where Severide has gone.

A fun fan post with Taylor Kinney

A social media user posted a new photo they say was taken in Park City, Utah. In it, a Chicago Fire fan is seen sitting next to Taylor Kinney.

This past week, a charity event for Operation Smile happened in Park City. That’s a charity that Taylor has supported in the past, and it looks like he may have been on hand again.

The Operation Smile Celebrity Ski and Smile Challenge has involved people like Lady Gaga, Mark Wahlberg, and Brooke Burke, who have been a big part of the event. The 2023 installment has been called the 16th year of the challenge.

As for Taylor being in Park City, the post below indicates he was “genuinely kind and gracious” to the people he met at a restaurant.

It was a special moment for these fans to meet Taylor in person.

More Chicago Fire news

While it is unclear if Taylor Kinney will appear on Chicago Fire again this season, a former cast member has returned to the show.

New footage of Matt Casey on Chicago Fire was released to create buzz for an upcoming episode.

Actor Jesse Spencer decided to come back for a special episode of the show, likely helping give the ratings a boost as well.

The last time he appeared on the show was during the Season 10 finale, where his character was on hand for the Stellaride wedding.

Now, Casey is back to work with Stella Kidd on a new project. And his scenes at Firehouse 51 should be packed with drama and intrigue, especially since he will see Sylvie Brett again.

To go back and watch some of the classic episodes of Chicago Fire that feature Taylor Kinney playing Kelly Severide, all past content is available for streaming on Peacock.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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