Chicago Fire threatens to kill off Blake Gallo in a new episode

Gallo On Chicago Fire
Alberto Rosende continues to play Firefighter Blake Gallo on Chicago Fire. Pic credit: NBC

Chicago Fire released a dramatic TV promo for the next new episode of the show.

Firefighter Blake Gallo and paramedic Violet Mikami are the featured characters, with a little flashback to the death of the former paramedic chief, Evan Hawkins.

With some dramatic music playing in the background, Gallo and Violet discuss the spark between them, likely due to kissing at Molly’s during a moment in the last episode.

The reason for the kiss was that Gallo offered to pretend to be Violet’s boyfriend if the floater who was working for Carver didn’t stop making advances on her.

“Next Wednesday Will It Happen Again?” reads the slow-rolling text that accompanies the TV promo.

This all leads to a radio call where someone says, “Mayday, Mayday. Gallo’s down!”

Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 15 synopsis

“Kidd, Seager, and Carver investigate a fire at the city stables,” reads the beginning of the synopsis for the new episode, which references the fire seen in the trailer below.

“Kylie clashes with some of the firefighters over changes due to budget cuts. Herrmann struggles to keep it together as Cindy’s condition worsens,” continues the synopsis for the new episode called Damage Control.

Chicago Fire March 1 TV promo

Below is the TV promo for the March 1 episode of Chicago Fire. It has all the makings of being a very dramatic installment.

But the show wouldn’t really kill off Blake Gallo, would it? Viewers will have to tune in to find out, with a long break during the month of March beginning at the conclusion of the night.

More news from One Chicago

As a reminder, the last episode of Chicago Fire ended on a cliffhanger. This could lead to a prolonged absence for the character played by Taylor Kinney (Kelly Severide).

Taylor asked for a leave of absence that has been granted, so at some point in the near future, he will stop appearing in new Season 11 episodes for the show.

And over at Chicago P.D., Jesse Lee Soffer revealed the release date for the new episode that he had been working on. It should end up being a real treat for the fans.

Chicago Fire is going to be heading in a new direction during the backend of Season 11 if Taylor Kinney ends up missing the rest of the new episodes. Luckily, the writers had time to prepare some storylines, so it should at least make sense within the episodes.

One of the showrunners also revealed some romance spoilers about the show, potentially lining up some intriguing drama at Firehouse 51.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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