Chicago Fire cliffhanger: Did Kelly Severide just leave?

Taylor Kinney As Kelly Severide
Taylor Kinney As Kelly Severide on Chicago P.D. Season 11, Episode 14. Pic credit: NBC

Chicago Fire’s cliffhanger from Wednesday night has left viewers guessing about what comes next.

Most of the episode focused on Mouch trying to help solve a case to help out his wife, Trudy.

Trudy’s friend had been concerned about a string of fires at her building, and Mouch got to the bottom of it with a little help from Fire Cop himself, Kelly Severide.

Another chunk of the episode was spent on Carver still being in a funk from the visit his brother made. He faked being sick in order to stay home and drink, leading to Kidd calling him on it.

By the end of the episode, Kidd had Carver back in line, and the people on Truck 81 were back to working well together.

Though there were some other stories mixed in, including Ritter dealing with a politician who wasn’t playing nice, what everyone is likely talking about now came in the last 30 seconds of the night.

The Chicago Fire cliffhanger from Season 11, Episode 14

At Molly’s, Kidd was working and went down to visit with Severide at the other end of the bar.

“Hey, I got your message about Van Meter. What’s going on?” Kidd asked Severide.

He handed her his phone to see or read something on it, which seemed to really catch her off-guard.

“Wow! What are you gonna do?” Kidd asked him as the screen faded to black.

The full scene can be watched and/or re-watched in the clip shared below.

Is this the Kelly Severide exit?

Actor Taylor Kinney requested a leave of absence from the show, which gave the writers some time to work it into the scripts. While the reason for his exit has not been released, his character, Kelly Severide, would have to exit Firehouse 51 in some fashion.

In that brief scene above, Kidd referenced Captain Tom Van Meter. He is a commander and the lead arson investigator for the Chicago Fire Department’s Office of Fire Investigation (OFI).

Over the years, Severide has helped out the OFI quite a few times and recently was tasked with even investigating Van Meter himself. Now, a mysterious plot point revolves around the head of the OFI.

In order to not have Severide on screen for a few episodes (or possibly the rest of the season), he could be tasked with leading OFI in the absence of Van Meter, assisting OFI on some intense cases, or even investigating Van Meter again through another facet.

The end of that scene was left open-ended intentionally, possibly to give the writers even more time to work on the scripts for the following episodes. And certainly, it was done that way to keep people talking about Chicago Fire.

What’s next for Chicago Fire?

The next new episode of Chicago Fire is slated to air on March 1, and Severide isn’t mentioned in the TV promo or the synopsis. This suggests he won’t be a part of the main stories.

At the same time, viewers should expect Stella Kidd or someone else at Firehouse 51 to mention where Severide has gone. And then, the show will deal with some other plot points.

One of the showrunners provided some interesting Chicago Fire spoilers about what is coming up for Carver, so that may be addressed soon.

And elsewhere in the world of One Chicago, Jesse Lee Soffer revealed why he left Chicago P.D. He gave a new interview where he spoke about the big change and why he has stopped playing Detective Jay Halstead.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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