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Chicago Fire Season 9, Episode 4: Promo for new 2021 episode exciting

Chicago Fire S9E4
The Chicago Fire cast is back in action with an all-new episode. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire Season 9 continues on Wednesday night when NBC viewers finally get to see Episode 4.

Delays in production and schedule changes at NBC have led to only three episodes from Season 9 airing so far. That has created some frustrations among One Chicago fans.

Fret not Chi-hards, because there are a lot of 2021 Chicago Fire episodes still to come. That will include a few shifts in the cast that are well worth noting.

But up next, we finally get to see the episode called Funny What Things Remind Us. It was supposed to have already aired, but the Capitol Building protest on January 6 threw the Wednesday night schedule out of whack.

Chicago Fire Season 9, Episode 4 preview

Below is footage that was presented by NBC for the next episode of the show. This is the next new 2021 Chicago Fire episode and it will air for the first time on Wednesday, January 27.

To go along with that footage, we also have a full synopsis for the episode that was released by NBC. As you can see by the description and the clip, Gallo is going to be quite important to the plot.

“While completing a task assigned by headquarters, Boden makes an unforeseen connection; Gallo is forced to make a surprise rescue of one of their own when the firehouse is called to the site of a construction explosion; Mouch reignites an old feud.”

Chicago Fire 2021 episodes continue

There are a lot of important moments coming up for the Chicago Fire cast this season and the showrunners have hinted at a few of them.

We are going to see some problems develop between Brett and Casey, which are definitely going to be exacerbated by the friends not getting on the same page about becoming a couple.

Some Chicago Fire spoilers for Season 9 indicate that new characters joining the cast will present new roadblocks. Some fans have thought it might include the return of Gabby Dawson, but we wouldn’t classify her as a “new character” on the show.

There are potentially more problems ahead for Kidd and Severide as well. Their relationship might suffer due to the career aspirations of each character, with one of the showrunners hinting at curveballs ahead.

No matter what happens on the next new episodes of the show, at least the Chicago Fire cast is back in action.

Make sure to tune in for the Wednesday, January 27 episode to find out what happens next.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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