Chicago Fire Season 10, Episode 20 synopsis released

Kidd Leads On Chicago Fire
Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd on the Chicago Fire Season 10 cast. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire Season 10, Episode 20 will be the next new installment from the NBC drama.

That new episode won’t arrive until after the current One Chicago hiatus comes to an end, but the network has released some details about the big night.

As Chicago Fire fans are likely to remember, at the end of the last new episode, rather than showing clips from the next installment, NBC simply let everyone know that the show would be returning on May 11.

While we still don’t have the official TV promo for that next new episode, we do have the full synopsis that was just released. It gives us a hint at what the people of Firehouse 51 will be dealing with.

Chicago Fire Season 10, Episode 20 synopsis

“A family friend asks Herrmann for some advice on opening a bar. Tensions run high between Emma and Violet. Kidd struggles to keep her team together,” reads the synopsis for the new Chicago Fire episode called Halfway to the Moon.

During the last episode of the show, Violet was starting to figure out that Emma was gunning for her job, which could be problematic if Sylvie Brett ends up returning before the end of Season 10.

And it also sounds like new lieutenant Stella Kidd is going to have some troubles with her team, but we will have to guess at what causes that tension for now.

More news from Chicago Fire Season 10

Some huge news about the Chicago Fire season finale recently came out. This gives some specific details about what fans should expect on the final episode of Season 10. It’s a big deal and there should be some nice buildup to it.

We also have some answers about what happened to Sylvie Brett on Chicago Fire and what the future holds for the actress who plays her (Kara Killmer).

Ahead of those new episodes coming out (beginning on May 11), there is a lot of time for Chicago Fire fans to go back and watch some prior episodes from Season 10. That might be a good idea, as there are a number of subplots that could come to a close this spring.

Looking ahead, Chicago Fire Season 11 was already ordered by NBC, so fans can look forward to watching new episodes of the show in Fall 2022. It also opens the door for a cliffhanger or two, so make sure to tune in live for the season finale.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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