Chicago Fire revealed Sam Carver’s traumatic past

Jake Lockett Actor
Jake Lockett plays firefighter Sam Carver on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: @TheJakeLockett/Instagram

Chicago Fire finally revealed more of Sam Carver’s past, cluing viewers in on how he acquired those scars.

After the long winter hiatus, Chicago Fire aired its winter premiere and wrapped up the storyline of that big explosion.

Stella Kidd, Carver, and Detective Pryma survived after the rocket-propelled grenade went off, but the trio now has emotional scars to go with everything else.

Through most of that new episode, it was clear that Carver wasn’t doing very well, leading to his hesitation on a call involving a man stuck in a vent.

Then, near the very end of the episode, Kidd was finally able to get through to him, and it all took place while they were enjoying a few drinks at Molly’s.

Now, the secret is out about Carver’s past, and it will be very interesting to see how the writers approach that story in the coming weeks.

What happened to Sam Carver on Chicago Fire?

After referring to the scars that viewers have likely seen in many episodes before, Carver came clean to Kidd (at Molly’s) about how he had acquired them.

“My older brother, he was always a bully. But one night, when I was nine years old, he took it up a notch. We’re at this big family bonfire, something we did every July 4th. But this year, when no one else was around, he snuck up behind me and he shoved me into the flames,” Carver stated as Kidd listened on in shock.

After Kidd exclaimed “no!” to Carver’s vocalization of the story, more details were revealed.

“I dragged myself out of there. I’ll never forget the hell of that pain. Meanwhile, he ran and told everyone that I tripped and fell and he saved me, like he’s the big hero. No one believed my version, what actually happened… because that’s too insane. Why would a 15-year-old kid do that to his own little brother, right? I must be lying,” Carver went on to say.

Kidd and Carver get closer on Chicago Fire

By Carver opening up to Kidd, it’s very clear that the firefighters have now become closer. This also answers a lot of questions about how Carver conducts himself on the job and why he has referred to his injuries as “just another scar” in the past.

His revelations should help them work better together on the truck, but Carver’s personality also seems like one that will overreact if he thinks that Kidd is sheltering him or feeling bad for him in future episodes.

Chicago Fire fans just learned a lot more about the new character, no matter how the story progresses,

Regarding other stories to come on the show, the Chicago Fire showrunners teased Emma’s storyline and how the former paramedic might come to impact life at Firehouse 51.

And in another storyline, Severide will be tasked with turning on a friend, putting him in a difficult position as he just tries to continue doing his job.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.