Chicago Fire releases promo for the first new episode without Severide

Severide Chicago PD S11
Taylor Kinney played Kelly Severide on Chicago Fire. Pic credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire is rolling on without Kelly Severide — but not without arson.

A new Chicago Fire episode promo hints that someone is intentionally setting fires in the city, but Severide isn’t there to investigate.

As a reminder, Severide left Chicago in the third episode of the season. He was asked to help on a big arson case that involved the death of a federal agent.

Stella Kidd (played by Miranda Rae Mayo) was hesitant about her husband leaving Chicago again, but she told him he should go after thinking about it.

This is similar to when actor Taylor Kinney (he plays Severide) took a leave of absence during Season 11. He didn’t return until the Season 12 premiere.

Severide should return to Firehouse 51 at some point because he wouldn’t miss the Matthew Casey wedding, would he?

Chicago Fire Season 12, Episode 4 synopsis

“Julia spends a couple of days at 51; Boden’s stepson, James, returns, desperate for Boden to help his mother; after a little girl starts a fire in her backyard, Kidd and her team decide to dig deeper,” reads the Chicago Fire synopsis for The Little Things.

TV promo for the February 7 Chicago Fire episode

Below is the promo NBC is running for the new Chicago Fire episode. It debuts at 9/8c on Wednesday, February 7.

New firefighter Derrick Gibson (Rome Flynn) is featured in the footage.

More news from One Chicago

It’s unclear when Taylor Kinney will appear in a new episode. He may have scenes while working outside of Chicago that are placed in upcoming episodes, but everyone has to tune in to find out.

What is known is that actress Kara Killmer is quickly approaching her final episodes. Kara will stop playing paramedic Sylvie Brett before the season finale arrives, as there are already plans for her replacement.

Here are some Chicago Fire spoilers about Brett’s replacement.

Actress Tracy Spiridakos is also leaving Chicago P.D. Her final episodes as Detective Hailey Upton will air this spring, and then she is done with One Chicago. The writers have the task ahead of them to provide closure.

A new episode of Chicago P.D. features the return of Torres. He has been absent for the first few Season 11 episodes, forcing Intelligence to work without him. Actor Benjamin Levy Aguilar plays Officer Dante Torres.

Below is what might be Severide’s final rescue for a while.

Previous episodes of Chicago Fire are available for streaming on Peacock.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday at 9/8c on NBC.

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5 months ago

Why Taylor? We the viewers love your character. Please stay on. You are my favorite.