Chicago Fire recap: Of love, confessions and cliffhangers

Chicago Fire
Christian Stolte as Randall “Mouch” McHolland, Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo, Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd, Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey , Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett, Hanako Greensmith as Violet in Chicago Fire. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

Are any Brettsey shippers still alive? Breathing? What was that episode? An epic love confession, a sex scene, and they escaped the finale unscathed? Are Brett and Casey finally going to be able to have some peace and quiet in their relationship? It doesn’t seem real.

Last night’s Chicago Fire season finale had all the trademarks of a classic Fire episode, but somehow it didn’t feel like a finale until the last ten minutes or so. However, that doesn’t take away from all the fantastic storylines we got to follow this week and all the seeds that were planted for Season 10.

Boden and a promotion opportunity

Remember last week when Commissioner Hill asked Boden to have a word towards the end of the episode? She wanted to tell him that he was on her radar, and she wanted to know if he’d like to be considered for a Deputy District Chief role. Which, you know, is a huge promotion.

The problem is that being Deputy District Chief means less time out there in the action and even more time behind a desk, so Boden is not exactly thrilled about that prospect. He talks it out with Herrmann and Mouch, and they both say they’ll back him up in whatever he decides but that they definitely need someone like him in an even higher leadership role.

Then there was a very, very touching moment between him and Kidd, where Stella thanks him for believing in her and seeing her as a leader when she had never even considered herself one. It was an emotional and really beautiful moment, especially when it sinks in for Boden just how much he has done for Stella and how much he changed her life.

Later on, he runs into a guy and his little boy in his neighborhood. Ezra, the child, is absolutely fascinated with all things firefighter-related, and he is ecstatic to meet a Fire Chief. Boden invites them to visit Firehouse 51 some time, and the dad tells him how amazing it is to see someone like him, a leader, in their neighborhood.

All of that helps him realize that even though he would be seeing less action if he accepts the promotion, he would be able to help so many people and be an example for little kids like Ezra. So in the end, he decides to go for it, which makes me wonder if this is how they are writing Boden out of the show after nine seasons.

The ships have sailed

I believe most Stellaride and Brettsey fans are currently melted into a puddle on the floor, having not recovered from the feels fest that happened last night.

Stella and Kelly are both so incredibly happy and in love and they can’t wait to get married. There’s just this happy bubble around them, catching everyone they encounter.

When Severide tells Casey that he proposed, his friend could not be any happier. One of the things that I have really enjoyed over the past couple of seasons is the Casey/Severide/Stella dynamic as they evolved and adapted to living together. They’re such close friends and it’s just adorable.

Casey and Severide have come so far. They have been friends for years, but it’s beautiful to see how they’ve become brothers who support each other, who are incredibly happy for each other’s accomplishments, and are always there for one another. It’s a given that Casey will be his best man, but Matt is still so happy when Kelly asks him. I just really, really, really love their friendship.

And then there’s Brett and Casey. After Casey’s love confession last week, Brett doesn’t quite know what to do. They’ve been through so much this past season, and now that they’re finally on the same page, she’s feeling a little lost.

Casey, on the other hand, is waiting for her to make a decision. After all, he’s done all he could, laid it all out there, so the ball is in her court now. It takes Violet to finally knock some sense into Sylvie, especially when she notices that the PIC is trying to avoid the Firehouse (and Casey) at all costs.

When Matt has finally given up, thinking that he missed his chance and Brett doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore, she surprises him by finding him outside in the middle of the night during a shift and telling him that they belong together. She barely manages to say that she’s in love with him too when he just goes in for an intense kiss.

This — and their subsequent love scene — was everything the shippers have been waiting for. It only took three seasons to get here, but we made it. Rejoice, Brettsey fans. This moment is yours.

But of course, everyone was just too happy, so they had to do something to even the scales. So the season ends with the entire Squad 3 trapped in a sinking boat out on the lake with no way out.

Fingers crossed they will all be okay.

Chicago Fire returns next fall with season 10 on NBC.

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