Chicago Fire: New TV promo teases big crossover episode

Cruz Chicago Fire S11
Joe Minoso has played Firefighter Joe Cruz on the Chicago Fire cast for years. Pic credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire is ready to roll out a new crossover episode, where Ambulance 61 will visit Med for a large chunk of the night.

A new character was introduced on the latest episode, with Chris McKenna joining the Chicago Fire cast.

But earlier that same night, Chicago Med had a problem that required the expertise of Squad.

Capp (Randy Flagler), Cruz (Joe Minoso), and Tony (Anthony Ferraris) all guest-starred on Chicago Med Season 8, Episode 16.

If anyone missed that episode, it is available for streaming on Peacock.

And now, Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 17 (on March 29) will feature recognizable faces from Chicago Med.

Chicago Fire synopsis for March 29 episode

“Mouch builds a classic firetruck model for the Deputy District Chief, but quickly needs some assistance from Gallo and Ritter. Brett and Violet encounter multiple victims with a strange set of symptoms,” begins the synopsis for the March 29 episode of Chicago Fire.

“The results of Cindy’s chemotherapy loom over the Herrmann family,” concludes the lengthy synopsis.

Answers about what Cindy has been going through will come up, but none of the synopsis addresses the medical situation getting teased in the TV promo shared below. It’s always good to leave some mystery.

Chicago Fire TV promo for The First Symptom

NBC is now running the following TV promo for the episode that will debut on March 29. It is called The First Symptom, and it appears that Brett and Violet will spend much time with some of the characters from Chicago Med.

More news from Chicago Fire

The return of Matt Casey to One Chicago has almost arrived. That episode should give Chicago Fire a nice boost in the ratings.

Casey has been off the show since the Season 10 finale, and it will be interesting to see how his interactions with Brett play out. She has started to move on from their relationship, but having him back in town could be difficult.

Regarding the exit of Taylor Kinney from the show, no new update has been given on whether or not he is coming back. Additionally, no specific reason for his leave of absence has been provided.

There are many new episodes for Chicago Fire Season 11 left to debut this spring, so the door is still open for a return by Kelly Severide.

Stay tuned because the writers may have to elaborate on the reason why Kelly Severide is gone from the show.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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