Chicago Fire: Intense promo for new episode – will Severide live?

Taylor Kinney Chicago Fire
Taylor Kinney continues to play Kelly Severide on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: © Tine/StarMaxWorldwide

Chicago Fire is back following the long spring hiatus and has some exciting new episodes for May.

The May 1 episode of Chicago Fire introduced a new firefighter – and he has several people from Firehouse 51 suspicious.

We also saw Violet Mikami enamored with the new paramedic Lyla Novak, (played by Jocelyn Hudon).

The new firefighter and paramedic help bring youth to Firehouse 51, and the characters could be on board for Chicago Fire Season 13.

Seeing Kelly Severide in charge with Chief Boden out of the office was interesting, though Severide seemed overwhelmed by the end of the episode.

Hopefully, Severide is well-rested, because he will have a tough time during the next new episode.

Chicago Fire TV promo for May 8 episode is intense

Below is the TV promo NBC is running for the May 8 episode of Chicago Fire. It is called Inside Man and it will take Severide for a ride.

“Severide goes for an unexpected ride on Truck 81. Ritter’s worlds collide when his secret cop boyfriend helps 51 track down Severide and the missing rig,” reads the full synopsis for Chicago Fire Season 12, Episode 11.

The TV promo hints at a destroyed fire truck and we are left hoping it isn’t the one stolen from Firehouse 51. Will Severide survive an intense night on the job?

After the May 8 episode, only two new installments remain this season for the firefighting drama.

More news from the One Chicago shows

The One Chicago shows are racing toward season finales later this month. It’s a shortened season, with each show having only 13 episodes.

NBC already renewed Med, Fire, and P.D., so more new episodes will arrive in the fall. Those are also full-season orders, with the network having more time to air them without Hollywood strikes.

Here is news on the final Chicago P.D. episode for Tracy Spiridakos. She has played Detective Hailey Upton for years, but Tracy has already filmed her final scenes.

The Chicago P.D. cast will have to be adjusted for Season 12 in the fall, especially since she is the only detective currently working under Hank Voight. He also recently lost Detective Jay Halstead (played by Jesse Lee Soffer).

Here are goodbye videos to Tracy shared by a producer. They showcase Tracy on set interacting with many people over the years.

Previous episodes of Chicago Fire are available for streaming on Peacock. Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. episodes are also on the streaming service.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday night at 9/8c on NBC.

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