Big Brother spoilers: Twitter having fun with Jackson POV punishment

Jackson In BB House
Candid photo of Jackson Michie in Big Brother 21 house. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother spoilers from Twitter and the live feeds are showing part of the punishment Jackson Michie received this week.

It’s part of the recent Veto Competition, where participants received prizes or punishments, depending on where they finished in the challenge. This is a familiar segment from each season.

It was Jessica Milagros who won the Power of Veto this week. As the current Head of Household, it means she controls how things are going to go.

She already hosted the Veto Ceremony, as well, where she told the rest of the BB21 cast who would be on the block at the Eviction Ceremony on Thursday night.

Jackson Michie punishment on Big Brother 21

As part of the punishment that Jackson has to go through, he will be slimed at regular intervals. While he can clean up after each sliming, he isn’t allowed to take his coat off.

That includes when he goes to bed at night. This could all lead to a very gross situation for everyone in the BB21 house.

More Big Brother spoilers about POV Competition

Jessica Milagros won the Golden Power of Veto, Kathryn Dunn won a trip to Hawaii, and Nick Maccarone won $5,000. Jackson Michie, Jack Matthews, and Tommy Bracco received the punishments. Tommy has to wear the BB Explorer costume seen below.

The segments on upcoming episodes should be pretty amusing when it comes to the punishments, especially since they are all happening to former members of the Six Shooters alliance.

As for the Big Brother spoilers from Twitter, expect even more if Jackson gets fed up with being slimed all the time.

As this all transpires, remember to vote on the Big Brother Field Trip Poll that CBS has up and running.

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