Big Brother recap: Season 21, Episode 6 spoilers include Chaos Power winner

Jack Matthews In BB Living Room
Jack Matthews is the second HOH during Big Brother 21. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The Big Brother recap from Sunday night covers Season 21, Episode 6. Spoilers abound, as a lot has taken place in the house since the eviction of Ovi Kabir.

This article will serve as a live report from the episode, updating as new details are revealed. It should include who the new HOH has nominated for eviction, who won the Chaos Power, and some drama from the cast members.

Make sure to refresh this page for live updates as the show airs tonight.

During the episode where Ovi was evicted, it was shown how the BB21 cast was unanimous in its decision. Ovi was voted out 12-0 over Kathryn Dunn.

Big Brother Season 21 recap

After Ovi got evicted, host Julie Chen also announced that Camp Comeback had begun. This is an area in the house that is designated to the first four evicted houseguests. Ovi and David Alexander are currently spending time there.

Following the Big Brother twist, Jack Matthews won the latest Head of Household Competition. He took the power inside the house and was tasked with nominating two people for eviction.

The names of those houseguests will be revealed to the CBS audience on Sunday night.

Make sure to tune in, beginning at 8/7c on Sunday night, as this live report will let readers know everything that is taking place. It’s going to be a busy night for the BB21 cast.

Big Brother 21, Episode 6 recap

There was a lot of recap to go over to start out the July 7 episode. It included reminding everyone that Ovi Kabir had won the Nightmare Power, but that he never got a chance to use it.

The episode also covered what is taking place with Camp Comeback, with Ovi and David speaking in Diary Room sessions about wanting to return to the game and create some turmoil.

Jackson Michie tried to act like he wanted David to come back, which wasn’t something David was really interested in hearing. The producers then joked about Jack and Jackson being in a showmance as they discussed what was going on.

A number of houseguests approached David and Ovi, trying to tell them that they didn’t want either guy to get removed from the BB21 cast. Neither one seemed very receptive to the excuses being presented to them.

Chaos Whacktivity Competition results

Holly Allen, Jackson Michies, Tommy Bracco, Sam Smith, and Jack Matthews got to participate in the latest secret competition. They each had to search through snake pits in the backyard that involved live snakes.

The five houseguests all wanted to win the Chaos Power. It was Jack Matthews who won it. He was very excited to be getting the secret power out of it. CBS viewers were shown what the power entails during a Diary Room session with Jack.

Jack found out that the Chaos Power will allow him to shake up the player draw for a future Power of Veto Competition. Once the players have been selected, Jack can force the house to do it over if he isn’t pleased with the results.

Trip to Fiji

A video was played in the living room for the houseguests, letting them all know that a trip to Fiji would be on the line at the Veto Competition. It was a cross-promotion with the new CBS show, Love Island.

Jackson begins new showmance

Live feed subscribers have seen what the CBS audience finally learned during Season 21, Episode 6. Jackson was ready to move on from his showmance with Kathryn Dunn to being with Holly Allen. It was one of many showmances in the game right now.

Jackson breaks up with Kathryn

Jackson told Kathryn that he couldn’t be involved in a showmance with anyone so that they didn’t put targets on their backs. Kathryn didn’t really believe it, as she shouldn’t, bringing up Holly as a talking point.

Black Widow alliance

Jess, Bella, Nicole, and Kemi were shown forming an alliance that they called a final four agreement. Naming themselves the Black Widows, they joked about going after the guys. Bella then told people (including Jack) that it was all the idea of Jess.

Week 2 Nomination Ceremony

Jack Matthews had to name two houseguests to be placed on the block. He went with Kemi Faknule and Jessica Milagros as his nominees for eviction.

That concludes the Season 21, Episode 6 recap for Big Brother. There are even more spoilers available online for fans that want to jump ahead of the changed CBS schedule. For now, that’s all from the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 21 episodes are on CBS this summer on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.

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