Big Brother host Julie Chen dresses as former houseguest for Halloween

Zach Rance On Big Brother
Zach Rance on Big Brother 16 cast. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves is certainly getting fans stirred up on social media. As we reported on Friday, she hinted at a new season of the show with an image posted to her Twitter account.

On Monday, she got the Big Brother rumors up-and-running again as she posted a quick video of her posing as a former houseguest. That video can be seen below, where she asks fans to guess who she is impersonating.

For anyone who might not have been able to guess it, Julie was dressed up as former houseguest Zach Rance. He was a Big Brother 16 cast member and former member of the Bomb Squad alliance in the house.

Other members of Zach’s alliance included Derrick Levasseur, Devin Shepherd, Caleb Reynolds, Christine Brecht, Cody Calafiore, and Frankie Grande. Derrick would eventually be named the BB16 winner, with Cody finishing in second place.

The Bomb Squad alliance controlled the game, but it was later revealed to the other houseguests that Cody and Derrick had been running the show since the beginning.

Quite a few of his other alliance members were memorable, including Caleb, who went on to play Survivor twice, and Frankie, who is the brother of singer Ariana Grande.

Could Zach Rance return to Big Brother cast?

This latest post by Julie Chen Moonves has fans wondering if she is hinting at people who could return to the game. The flames of those Big Brother rumors were stoked by Evel Dick Donato, who hinted on his own Twitter account that he would be returning to the house.

Now, Julie has stated that she is dressing up as former houseguests for Halloween, but could it be for something more?

It’s certainly an interesting topic to discuss during the Big Brother offseason and Zach Rance was definitely fun to watch during his time in the game. Remember when they hid his hat? Stay tuned!

Big Brother has been renewed for new episodes during summer 2020.

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