Big Brother 21 nominations: Spoilers from live feeds revealed

Julie Chen on Big Brother on CBS.
Big Brother 21 is back this summer! Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 21 nominations for this week were just revealed. Spoilers from the live feeds indicated that the Nomination Ceremony had just taken place.

First off, the BB21 cast has a new Head of Household. Jessica Milagros won the competition late Thursday night.

Live feed subscribers could have figured that out just by watching all the pouting that Jackson Michie was doing.

After winning the power, Jessica had to come up with two nominees for eviction. Then, late on Friday, she called the group to the Dining Room to let them know who she had placed on the block.

Big Brother 21 nominations: Who is on the block?

Jessica has nominated Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie for eviction. Jack and Michie were nominated by Cliff Hogg two weeks ago, but Michie won the POV and saved himself.

There are a lot of issues within the Six Shooters alliance. This makes it harder to predict who is going to get sent home this week.

Christie Murphy also has her power still, so she could really ruin Jessica’s HOH if she wanted to. It makes the upcoming Veto Ceremony even more intense.

Will she alter the choices Jessica has made?

America’s Vote needs your attention

Host Julie Chen also revealed that it is nearly time for the Big Brother Field Trip. Fans can vote on which houseguests will leave the game and participate in a secret competition.

The next two weeks of the game are going to be very exciting for CBS viewers and live feed subscribers. A lot could happen, with the possibility that a Double Eviction is also on the horizon.

Could the first two people sent to the BB21 jury head out of the house on the same day? Stay tuned in to find out!

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