Big Brother 21 house tour released, Camp BB gets started

Big Brother 21 HOH Room
Big Brother 21 house revealed by host Julie Chen. HOH room pictured. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The Big Brother 21 house tour was posted online this morning. Host Julie Chen let viewers know that the season is going to be called Camp BB.

One of the bedrooms for the new house is actually inside a vintage-looking camper. Julie stated that they are picturing Camp BB being on a lake this summer, so the layout of the house revolves around that theme.

The Big Brother 21 house reveal follows the announcement of the new cast from earlier this week.

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BB Camp: Big Brother 21 house changes

The upstairs lounge is now a treehouse, the main bathroom has three sinks, and the HOH bedroom is “glamping to the max.” Glamping is a term that could be heard a lot this summer. It means a form of camping that involves accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

The kitchen has wood covers, a camouflaged refrigerator, and a new feel to it. The dining room also looks a bit different, with a campfire in the middle of the main table.

CBS viewers who tune in to the season premiere without knowing the summer 2019 theme may be shocked at what they see. Nearly the entire house has been remodeled to work with the theme and it almost looks like it is outdoors. There is even a ladder leading to the upstairs lounge.

Big Brother 21 house reveal, start date ready

Now that the BB21 house reveal has been done and CBS has announced the BB21 start date, it’s time to really start getting excited about the June 25 season premiere. The pre-show interviews are nice, but it’s time to introduce the cast to the television audience as well.

The 16 new houseguests are already playing the game, with several online rumors (purported as spoilers) hinting at who the first Head of Household might be this summer. None of those theories have been confirmed, but one of the potential spoilers was intriguing.

Big Brother 21 debuts on June 25 at 8/7c on CBS.

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