Big Brother 21 commercial has fans buzzing online

Ovi Kabir On BB21 Cast
Ovi Kabir is a part of the Big Brother Season 21 cast. Pic credit: CBS

A fresh Big Brother 21 commercial was released, allowing CBS viewers to see the new cast in action. There had been a teaser for the summer 2019 season shared by the network, but now the BB21 cast members appear on TV.

As shown in the video below, the 30-second spot features all 16 of the new houseguests. They have already begun playing the game, allowing producers to pre-record some footage for the two-night premiere.

The release of the Big Brother 21 commercial also follows the house tour reveal that just took place. Host Julie Chen gave fans a behind-the-scenes look inside the house.

The new Big Brother 21 commercial

There is a quick segment during the new TV spot for many of the new BB21 cast members to give a quote. That includes the preschool aide, the Jason-Momoa look-alike, and the media strategist.

There is definitely a lot of excitement being shared on social media as the season premiere of the show draws closer. It’s just a few days until the two-night premiere begins on June 25.

After the premiere, the long race to the season finale in September begins. The 16 new houseguests are all competing for the $500,000 cash prize and a chance to go down in the history of the show.

Big Brother 21 schedule

It’s important to remind viewers that the new Big Brother schedule has Tuesday night episodes to begin the summer. This will shift back to Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights when The Amazing Race 31 comes to an end.

The commercial certainly gives a face to the BB21 cast and allows viewers to become more invested in the newest installment. It will be interesting to see which people become the favorites to win, who stirs up the most drama, and who might be holding back secrets.

Big Brother 21 airs its season premiere on CBS on Tuesday, June 25.

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