‘Arrogant’ Parker Schnabel plots to win gold war against Todd Hoffman in Gold Rush premiere

Parker Schnabel
Hoffman dubs Parker “arrogant” in the premiere of Gold Rush tonight

It’s an all-out war on Gold Rush’s premiere tonight!

“We’re going to war and we are gonna kick his [Todd Hoffman’s] a**,” says Parker Schnabel in the first episode of Season 8.  Will Big Red best Sluicifer? The dredge battle begins!

Calling Schnabel “arrogant” in the premiere opener, Hoffman is deadly serious he can get 5,000 ounces this season. In the two-hour Gold Rush Season 8 premiere, which airs tonight, Friday, Oct. 13, on Discovery, Hoffman says: “We can’t fail again.”

This 5,000-ounce dream was shattered in Oregon last season, and his crew dissolved in a hail of fistfights and walk-offs. It is the running of three separate plants that have given Hoffman the huevos to wager $100,ooo against Schnabel to be the one who gets the most gold this season.

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In tonight’s episode, Hoffman laments he is “fat and old” while his son Hunter is 18 and ready for the responsibility. Andy Spinks also rejoins Hoffman as they work together in a united effort to best Schnabel. Hunter is shown to be successful in his first real challenge with their dredge.

The wildcard is always Tony Beets, the Netherlands-born ‘Viking” who has a brush up with Schnabel on tonight’s episode. The premiere at 9/8c tonight follows a special live show at 8/7c.

Stay tuned for the recap!

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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