Amy Robach addresses rumors she and T.J. Holmes split up after emotional podcast confession

former gma star amy robach face shot from abc episode of gma3
Amy Robach previously appeared as a host on GMA3. Pic credit: ABC

Amy Robach has broken her silence about her relationship status with T.J. Holmes.

Following an emotional podcast episode, speculation suggested the couple had split up.

Robach appeared in a new video with T.J. Holmes as they strolled together in the city, arm in arm.

The former GMA3 co-hosts wore jackets and sunglasses as they walked down the street filming themselves.

“Hey folks, just wanted to check in and let you know that despite what you’re hearing, we are still together,” Holmes said as Robach chuckled.

As they continued walking, they talked a bit more about fans’ recent concerns over their relationship status.

Robach addresses breakup rumors after emotional podcast confession

“We’re hearing from a lot of you all on our latest episode of the podcast. It was something we really struggled and debated about whether or not we should even put it out there, but at this point, I’m glad we did,” Holmes said.

Robach said she was also glad they put the episode out. She explained that they might share photos and videos as they laugh or smile together but also share about other times from their relationship.

“If we want to be real and we want to be transparent, we wanted to show all the sides of us and most relationships,” Robach said, adding, “We hope that you all get something out of it, and we hope you keep coming back.”

“We’re still together,” Robach’s Instagram post caption said.

“If you’ve already listened to today’s episode on Amy and T.J., you’ll understand!
If you haven’t, click the link in my bio to hear for yourself and let us know how you handle communication and conflict in your relationships!” the caption said.

Critics blast Robach and Holmes’ ‘disturbing’ remarks and relationship

Several commenters arrived on the recent video post on Robach and Holmes’s IG pages. Many criticized their extramarital affair or the current relationship based on what they had heard from the podcast.

“They are absolutely so proud of the hurt they put their families through. Disgusting!” one commenter wrote.

Another called their recent podcast episode “very disturbing to listen to,” adding that TJ is “very condescending” and should listen to the podcast again to hear how “he didn’t listen or like any answer” that Robach gave.

One commenter told the couple to “Just go away already! It’s getting old!” while another criticized their relationship, saying it looked “one sided” and was “Not gonna last.”

screenshot shows critics blasting robach and holmes relationship on instagram video post
Fans weigh in. Pic credit: @ajrobach/Instagram

Robach opened up about relationship issues in podcast

The Amy & T.J. podcast debuted in December 2023, nearly a year after the GMA3 co-hosts were told to stop coming to work at ABC amid headlines of their scandalous affair.

In the episodes, they’ve given listeners more insight into their relationship, including compatibility test results and discussion of the potential for marriage down the road.

The episode this past week featured Robach becoming emotional as they discussed some of her concerns with their relationship, including one about how they work differently while together, which has been difficult for her.

“I like to talk it out and brainstorm and throw things out and up, and you like to quietly do your thing by yourself. And so what we’ve ended up doing is sitting in silence for hours next to each other, and it’s exhausting,” she confessed about them working to create content for the podcast together.

Robach confessed she felt “disconnected” from Holmes due to how they work amid difficult things in her personal life.

“I’ve felt extremely disconnected from you, and I’m somebody who I think, especially when I feel the way I do, I’ve realized that I do want and need and prefer physical touch, words of affirmation, communication,” she said.

“Do you know what it’s like to feel shut out from the person that you love?” Robach asked, crying at one point during the podcast.

Holmes asked her if she was “scared” about losing the relationship. She admitted to him she was “not scared when we’re talking. I’m scared when we’re not.”

Holmes also apologized as Robach called him out for not expressing his emotions and bottling things up.

Robach and Holmes have been together for over a year and have experienced ups and downs, including job losses with ABC and divorces.

Based on their recent video, they’re still together and working through the good and the bad, like many couples do, although some outsiders feel their relationship isn’t healthy.

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1 month ago

I am surprised that they have not listened to “The Tale Of Two Brains.” It should be mandatory for ALL to watch.

1 month ago

The one with the most power in a relationship is the one who loves least. Amy lost the final bit of her leverage when she answered to TJ that she was scared of losing him. He is a pro at taking advantage of weakness and insecurity. Look for him to further humiliate her and enjoy it.