American Horror Story fans call Kim Kardashian casting a ‘publicity stunt,’ threaten to boycott

Kim Kardashian's American Horror Story casting is ruffling feathers. Pic credit: FX
Kim Kardashian’s American Horror Story casting is ruffling feathers. Pic credit: FX

Kim Kardashian is ready to make her debut in Season 12 of American Horror Story, and not everyone is happy about that.

The season is called American Horror Story: Delicate, and so far, we still don’t know what it will be about.

That’s par for the course, as part of the AHS fun each season is watching for clues and piecing together the plot as fans hope to figure out at least some of what to expect before the season starts airing.

This year is a bit different, though, as many fans of the FX hit are opting for another route.

Instead of building excitement over a new season full of new twists, so many are getting their panties in a twist over casting.

This year, Kim Kardashian and Cara Delavingne have signed on to star alongside many AHS regulars, and that has fans of the show in shambles as some are calling to boycott and not tune in to the season at all.

American Horror Story fans call Kim Kardashian casting a ‘publicity stunt,’ threaten to boycott

American Horror Story fans learned back in April that Kim Kardashian was cast for a role in the upcoming season. They’ve been threatening not to watch ever since.

In June, the roar got even louder after Kim proudly shared photos of herself arriving for a day of AHS filming. The issue was the writers strike was in full swing.

Kim crossing the picket line to film her part and showing it off to her millions of fans and followers didn’t sit well, further fueling potential boycotters to turn their backs on the show.

One fan of the show took to Twitter to call out Kim Kardashian’s casting, and they wrote, “Kim Kardashian being in the next series of American horror story is a brilliant publicity stunt.”

tweet about Kim K
Pic credit: @chezablonde/Twitter

Another wrote, “You had me until I saw Kim Kardashian. Now forget it. No thank you. Next!”

tweet about Kim K
Pic credit: @k2m_10210/Twitter

“Finally looks like old-school AHS but still disappointed about K Kardashian getting a part,” another wrote, adding, “There are actors who have spent hard-earned money to graduate with high-honors from colleges and institutes. Give them a break.”

tweet about Kim K
Pic credit: @juded_l

Catch a glimpse of Kim in her creepy new role below.

Ryan Murphy cast Kim Kardashian after he saw her on SNL

While many fans of the show are questioning Kim Kardashian’s casting for Season 12, one person is not, and that’s the show creator, Ryan Murphy.

The US Sun reported that Ryan saw Kim’s Saturday Night Live performance last year and was so impressed that he wanted to cast her for American Horror Story.

This will be her biggest and highest-profile acting role to date. Because of that, we can’t wait to see how this all plays out. We’d love to say that Ryan Murphy is never wrong, but we also haven’t forgotten the swing and miss that was AHS: Roanoke back in 2016.

We’ll be reserving all judgment about Kim’s performance in Season 12 until after we see it.

American Horror Story: Delicate is set to premiere in September 2023 on FX.

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