American Horror Stories: Episode 4 deals with Santa and the naughty list

Episode 4 of FX's American Horror Sotires is titled 'The Naughty List
Episode 4 of American Horror Sotires is titled The Naughty List. Pic Credit: FX

New details have emerged regarding the latest episode of FX’s American Horror Stories, which will air on Thursday on Hulu. With each episode of this new series a stand-alone, the latest installment looks set to have a Christmas theme.

Already, viewers have revisited the Murder House (twice, in fact) featured in Season 1 of American Horror Story. They also went to the Drive-In last week and got a chance to explore the popular horror trope that involves cursed movies.

Now, it appears that Santa will be making a list and checking it twice in Episode 4 of American Horror Stories.

Episode 4 is titled The Naughtly List

The title of Episode 4 is The Naughty List, which instantly gives a clue as to what the episode will be about.

According to the IMDb page for American Horror Stories, the synopsis is below.

“A group of influencers face a reckoning after posting a problematic video online.”

While brief, the synopsis is intriguing and further fleshes out the upcoming storyline.

While there is no mention of Christmas here, the list of cast members shared via the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, backs up the theme.

Shared to his official Instagram account, the clip details the cast members and the characters they will be playing.

Kevin McHale will portray Barry, Nico Greetham as Zinn, Dyllon Burnside as James, Charles Melton as Wyatt, Danny Trejo as Santa, Taneka Johnson as Detective Gibbs, and Rowland Akinduro as DJ.

As previously reported, filming footage involving Danny Trejo dressed as Santa at a shopping mall was leaked ahead of Season 1 of American Horror Stories dropping. So, along with the synopsis and cast list, it can also be surmised that Trejo is a Santa hired for Christmas snaps there.

With Detective Gibbs a part of the line-up, it can also be assumed that something terrible will occur during the episode that warrants the arrival of this character.

New teaser and trailer for American Horror Stories is released

Ryan Murphy also shared a brief teaser clip for Episode 4 of American Horror Stories. Unfortunately, though, it gives very little away regarding the storyline.

Instead, the clip shows footage that had been previously released ahead of the Season 1 premiere.

Against a red backdrop, a woman is shown suspended between two trees. Some speculated that this could be a murder victim and that it might be a part of the “problematic video” the influencers posted online.

However, a trailer that dropped after that finally gives more detail about what viewers can expect to see in the next episode of American Horror Stories.

American Horror Stories airs every Thursday night on FX on Hulu.

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