Al Roker reveals new job on Broadway and Today fans go wild

AL Roker from Today
Al Roker revealed a new job on Broadway. Pic credit: ©

Al Roker has much to be thankful for this holiday season. He is celebrating being home from his last hospital stay this month.

He worried a countless number of fans along with his family and friends with that long hospital battle. Thankfully, he has been home and back to work for almost a year.

This year, he resumed his duties at the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade alongside co-workers and friends Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb.

The popular Today Show weatherman also hit a milestone with his health by counting his steps. He has hit the goal of over 10,000 daily actions in the last 60 days.

And then there are his projects away from Today and his gig as a weatherman. He has a new book, Murder on Demand, in his popular Morning Show Murders series.

He has teased another job that could take him away from Today.

Al Roker, Broadway star?

Al Roker posted on his Instagram about a role in a new Broadway show with Josh Gad and Andrew Rannels.

He captioned the post, “I had the best time last night on #broadway in my new job as a Famous Broadway Producer making dreams come true for @joshgad and @andrewrannells in @gutenbergbway.”

Al is playing the “Famous Broadway Producer” role in the Broadway show Gutenberg! The Musical!

He looks great!

Al Roker on Instagram.

Al was excellent enough to post a screenshot of him on stage during his performance on his Instagram. Al looks perfectly at home on the scene.

Al Roker posted a shot of him on Broadway on Instagram
Pic credit: @alroker/Instagram

The Broadway show is slated to run through January 28, 2024, but it is unknown if Al will be reprising this role at each performance.

Al Roker and the Today Show fans show their support on social media

As soon as Al posted the video of his acting in the Broadway play Gutenberg! The Musical!, fans started to post their well wishes for this new endeavor.

One fan, @hollypalmieri_, posted, “He’s back on Broadway, baby!!”

Then user @collaborateandlisten9 said, “What fun!! For you AND the crowd!”

Al’s wife, Deborah Roberts, stopped to congratulate him by saying, “You killed it!!”

The user, @bon_mannarino, said, “Yay, you are back on Broadway!! I heard the show is hysterical!!!”

Al Roker's fans post on Instagram.
Al’s wife stops by social media. Pic credit: @hollypalmieri/@collaborateandlisten9/@debrobertsabc/@bon_mannarino/Instagram

A fan, @marylbw, called him the “Amazing Al Roker.” And another, @jessiehookerbailey, said “Yaaaaaassss @alroker.”

One final fan, @vicki1of14, said, “You’re amazing! Do you ever sleep?!”

Fans of Today and Al Roker post on Instagram
Fans respond to Al Roker. Pic credit: @marylbw/@jessiehookerbailey/@vicki1of14/Instagram

It does seem like Al never has time to sleep, between his fabulous home life, his job, maintaining his health, and now guest-starring on Broadway.

According to his fans, Al did a great job, so this may be the beginning of a new career for Al: A Broadway superstar!

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