Today fans notice Al Roker’s new milestone a year after his hospitalization

Al Roker Smiles At An Event
Al Roker shares his health progress on Instagram. Pic credit: ©

Coming into another holiday season for Al Roker, beloved weatherperson for Today, is difficult after what he endured last year.

Al has been reminiscing these last few weeks because he had been hospitalized and then home recuperating from life-threatening blood clots.

These clots that developed caused him to have significant surgery and stay in the ICU.

Al missed many normal holiday activities last year, including hosting the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Al has shared much of his health journey on his Instagram page and posts when it’s another milestone he has hit.

The Today Show also celebrated his 45 years working at NBC this December, and Al’s fans went wild on social media. Al is one loved person.

Al posted another eye-opening milestone on Instagram

Al was so excited about this accomplishment that he had to share it with fans on Instagram. On the first page of his two-page spread, he shared how many steps he took during a week in December 2022.

Al captioned the post, “A year ago, I was struggling after getting home from the hospital. This week marks 60 days in a row of 10k+ steps a day.”

He also thanked his wife, Deborah Roberts, and his daughter, Leila Roker.

Al has made a considerable commitment to his health, which shows in the second photo he shared on his post.

The second photo he shared on Instagram was of the last 60 days, and the difference between this year and last is phenomenal.

Al Roker posts on Instagram about his step count for sixty days.
Al shares his step numbers. Pic credit: @alroker/Instagram

Al excitedly shared that his step count has consecutively been over 10,000 for the last 60 days.

The photos resulted in a massive response on social media.

Fans of The Today Show saw Al’s post and congratulated him on Instagram

Al Roker posted, and congratulations notes started pouring in on Instagram.

One user, @gail.sparrow, wrote, “Walking Man inspires us to walk the talk and Al can do it.”

Another user wrote, “Very Impressive – Al!!!”

A comment from Jill Martin, a Today Show contributor, also appeared, reading, “Incredible.”

Today fans respond to Al Roker on Instagram
Fans are impressed by Al. Pic credit: @gail.sparrow/@weightclique/@jillmartin/Instagram

Another fan wrote, “Glad you are doing so well. You’re a ‘Planet Must Have’.”

User @arthritisfoundation wrote, “So motivating to others going through the same struggle. Thank you for inspiring us all, and keep it up!”

Today fans respond to Al Roker
Fans wish Al well. Pic credit: @peterwinters111/@arthritisfoundation/Instagram

The more Al shares about his health journey, the more fans he can motivate to get healthier. Al continues to be an inspiration to many people.

The Today Show can be seen mornings on NBC.

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