A Million Little Things spoilers: What is Eric hiding?

Jason Ritter as Eric on A Million Little Things.
Eric doesn’t have a scar on A Million Little Things. Pic credit: ABC

A Million Little Things returned last night with the winter premiere and things couldn’t be more confusing. Eric (Jason Ritter) is very much a part of Maggie’s (Allison Miller) life and Gary (James Roday) is still not.

Viewers have felt something is off with Eric since his debut on A Million Little Things.

He met Maggie in a bar and then the two discovered he know her mom, Patricia (Melora Hardin). That complicated things until it was revealed that Eric was the recipient of Maggie’s brother, Chad’s heart.

What is Eric hiding on A Million Little Things?

At this point, not much is known about Eric and his motives. Several theories are being floated around by A Million Things fans.

What we do know is that he doesn’t have a scar on his chest when he should. Eric says he is the recipient of Chad’s heart, but without any evidence, that claim appears to be false.

The intention behind lying to Maggie and Patricia about who he is has fans baffled. What could Eric gain by getting close to the Bloom family, especially using something so personal to gain access?

One of the theories is that Eric’s girlfriend Chloe was the recipient of Chad’s heart. With her gone, maybe he is seeking a connection with the family that attempted to save her with the gift of life through organ donation.

The story he told was that his girlfriend was killed in an accident when he was driving, causing him immense guilt. But whether it happened or not remains to be seen.

Was Maggie Chloe’s therapist? Did she try to break things off with Eric at the advice of a professional? This is another theory floating around social media about A Million Little Things. It is a little more obscure, but it can’t be ruled out yet.

There is also speculation that Eric may have caused the accident that killed Chad. Could he have guilt about what happened and be attempting to make amends?

Will Eric and Maggie hookup on A Million Little Things?

It was discovered that Eric didn’t have a scar after he and Maggie kissed.

The two were talking about relationships and she revealed that she was insecure due to her scars from breast cancer. She beat the disease twice, but the physical reminders are hard for her. Maggie asked Eric how he does it with his scar, and minutes later, an image of him shirtless revealed there was no scar on his chest.

Could that have been a bit of foreshadowing into Maggie and Eric hooking up?

A Million Little Things viewers know that things between her and Gary (James Roday) are all but completely done. The two can’t coexist together and the previews for the rest of the season show him attacking Eric. This is complicated, but it is a plausible outcome given the kiss the two shared.

Right now, there is no definitive answer about what Eric is hiding on A Million Little Things. Speculation is running wild and the writers know how to keep fans guessing.

A Million Little Things airs Thursday nights at 10/9c on ABC.

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