Astrid Bavaresco and Darnell Nicole try to kiss and make up on WAGS Miami

Astrid Bavaresco and Darnell Nicole try to patch up their friendship on this week’s WAGS Miami — after last week’s screaming match at Darnell’s birthday party. Astrid and co-star Claudia Sampedro both laid into Darnell at the celebratory bash, saying that they though she had been out partying too much. They said she should be focusing

WAGS Miami is back for Season 2 with sex, sass and shade

WAGS Miami is back on E! with a second season and the women are just as sexy and sassy as ever, as they live a life where money is no object but good friends are hard to find. In this season premiere Ashley is having problems with her future mother-in-law and is worried she won’t

WAGS Miami reunion special is almost as crazy as the season finale!

WAGS Miami is back for a reunion special, Tiki Barber hosts the discussion and the ladies don’t hold back. Do they ever you might say! The finale of this first season was pretty crazy with Ashley and Darnell facing off and Astrid and Metisha taking things way too far. But this reunion gives them the chance to sort