WAGS Miami reunion special is almost as crazy as the season finale!

WAGS Miami
The ladies from WAGS Miami are back for a reunion and not shy about saying what they think

WAGS Miami is back for a reunion special, Tiki Barber hosts the discussion and the ladies don’t hold back.

Do they ever you might say!

The finale of this first season was pretty crazy with Ashley and Darnell facing off and Astrid and Metisha taking things way too far.

But this reunion gives them the chance to sort out some outstanding matters, catch up and recount some of the wild times from season 1.

So expect laughter, tears, shouting, cussing, put downs and even some open hearts as Tiki tries to hold it all together.

Watch Ashley Nicole and Darnell screaming at each other in a clip from last week’s finale below.

Watch the WAGS Miami Reunion Special at 10 PM on E!

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