Darnell Nicole gets taken to task whilst trying to celebrate birthday on WAGS Miami

Darnell Nicole in a white dress talks to camera on WAGS Miami
Darnell Nicole just wants to enjoy life a little on WAGS Miami

This week on WAGS Miami, Darnell Nicole is trying to chill out in the hot tub and enjoy her birthday but Astrid Bavaresco and Claudia Sampedro take her to task.

Darnell invites the women to celebrate her birthday in style but whilst they are sipping drinks in the hot tub both Astrid and Claudia pressure her a little bit on how she is living her life.

Darnell tells them that at the moment she’s been going out and trying something different. Saying that dating and talking to guys has let her have those conversations that she’s needed for such a long time.

Astrid talking to Darnell in the hot tub
Astrid is worried for Darnell

She explains that: “It’s feeding my soul and I feel like I’ve been sorry for so long.”

However, Astrid is worried that Darnell is neglecting her career and although she can see how great it is to have friends to party with she also warns Darnell to make sure she has people in her life who motivate her to work.

Also on this episode, Ashley is looking forward to planning her wedding but things don’t quite go to plan.

WAGS Miami airs on Sundays at 10:00 PM on E!

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