The Simpsons producer reveals the origins of the surprising Star Wars short

The unexpected crossover of the year had a unique history.  The Simpsons producer Al Jean shares details on how the Maggie Simpsons in The Force Awakens From Her Nap short came to be and what other Disney properties the hit animated series can cross over with. Simpsons and Star Wars When it was announced that


The Simpsons and Star Wars crossover in new short

The shortest Simpson is entering a galaxy far, far away. As part of the “May the 4th” celebrations, Disney+ is teaming up with the Simpsons for a short film where Maggie heads into the Star Wars universe to search for her missing pacifier. Simpsons vs Disney As fans of the long-running animated series know, The


Mike Mendel cause of death: How did the Rick and Morty producer die?

Mike Mendel (J. Michael Mendel), the four-time Emmy Award-winning animation producer, best known for his work on The Simpsons and Rick and Morty, has died at the age of 54. He died on Sunday night, just two days before his 55th birthday. The cause  of death was not immediately revealed, but according to his wife,

Homer Simpson doubleheader: Springfield of Dreams of Treehouse of Horror XXVIII

Fans of The Simpsons are getting a doubleheader with TV’s favorite animated family today after football on Fox. Up first is the Morgan Spurlock-directed documentary, Springfield of Dreams: The Legend of Homer Simpson, followed by the Halloween special Treehouse of Horror XXVIII. Created twenty-five years after the episode Homer at the Bat back in Season


The 10 coolest cartoon characters of all time

Kids and adult TV animation has brought us many classic cartoon characters and great entertainment over the years. Every animated show has that one character that everyone would like to be. They might be stylish or articulate or funny but most of all they adhere us to the show, making us come back for more.