The Simpsons and Star Wars crossover in new short

Simpsons Star Wars
Maggie Simpson in the Force Awakens From Her Nap. Pic credit: Disney+

The shortest Simpson is entering a galaxy far, far away.

As part of the “May the 4th” celebrations, Disney+ is teaming up with the Simpsons for a short film where Maggie heads into the Star Wars universe to search for her missing pacifier.

Simpsons vs Disney

As fans of the long-running animated series know, The Simpsons has long made mocking Disney a pastime. That hasn’t changed even after Disney acquired Fox, and The Simpsons reruns now air on Disney+.

It does allow for some more direct connections with this the first full-blown crossover between the two properties. 

Titled Maggie Simpson in The Force Awakens From Her Nap, the short will play on Maggie somehow landing in the Star Wars universe while searching for her lost pacifier. 

In a daycare far, far away… but still in Springfield, Maggie is on an epic quest for her stolen pacifier. Her adventure brings her face-to-face with young Padawans, Sith Lords, familiar droids, Rebel scum, and an ultimate battle against the dark side, in this original short celebrating the Star Wars galaxy.

This won’t be the first time Maggie has been featured in such a solo adventure. 2012’s Maggie Simpson in “The Longest Daycare” was released before showings of Ice Age: Continental Drift and was even nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

As a follow-up, Maggie Simpson in Playdate of Destiny, was shown before screenings of 2020’s Onward.

The poster features Maggie holding up a lightsaber while standing next to BB-8 and her baby nemesis Gerald looking like Darth Maul. 

Simpsons and Star Wars

Mark Hamill
Mark Hamill in the Simpsons. Pic credit: Fox

While they haven’t done the same full-episode tribute/parodies of fellow Fox show Family Guy, the Simpsons has naturally paid homage to Star Wars in various ways.

The biggest is “Mayored to the Mob,” where Mark Hamill voiced himself being forced to do a “Guys and Dolls” musical number dressed as Luke Skywalker. 

There were also references to “Cosmic Wars,” an apparently easy way to parody the franchise, which included it being purchased by Disney and homages to famous scenes.

The Simpsons won’t be alone as also premiering on Disney+ is “Star Wars Biomes” which shows various virtual locations from the movies, and “Vehicles Flythroughs” which gives tours of the Millenium Falcon and a Star Destroyer.

These shorts lead up to the 70-minute premiere of The Bad Batch, an animated series showing a force of renegade clone soldiers dealing with the Republic becoming the Empire. 

If nothing else, watching the Simpsons turning their usual offbeat humor onto the Star Wars universe with Lucasfilm’s okay should be a fun romp for fans.

Maggie Simpson in The Force Awakens From Her Nap premieres May 4. on Disney+. 

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