Terminator: Dark Fate trailer breakdown and takeaways

A new trailer dropped today for the sequel/reboot Terminator: Dark Fate which looks to be an attempt to take the franchise back to its roots. This incarnation brings back James Cameron as producer along with the original star of the Terminator Saga, Linda Hamilton. Also, just like Halloween 2018, this entry will ignore the last

Mackenzie Davis: Who is the new Terminator Dark Fate star?

Yesterday, a surplus of photos involving Terminator: Dark Fate made their way online thanks to Skydance Media. One showed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 sporting a gray goatee and looking ready to bust some knee-caps. Another revealed Mackenzie Davis as the character Grace, channeling her inner Linda Hamilton, rocking a bulletproof vest and sweaty from fighting cybernetic

John Connor in Terminator Dark Fate: What we know so far

This week, theater exhibitors and various news outlets were finally treated to some footage at CinemaCon for the new sequel Terminator: Dark Fate. Various details about the premise of the Terminator sequel remain unclear but what is known is that Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800 is back and so is Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor.