Zappos employees sleeping with the fishes on amazing Tanked finale

This week on the Tanked season finale, the CEO of online shoe and clothing shop Zappos reckons his employees need a nap room that has something a bit special about it. Tony Hsieh certainly does not want his staff sleeping with the fishes but a little nap in the relaxing environment of a huge fish

NBA star Dwight Howard gets ‘mansion’ built for his 14 snakes on Tanked

NBA star Dwight Howard gets a “mansion” and “condos” built on Animal Planet’s Tanked tonight — for his 14 SNAKES! The Charlotte Hornets center is a massive fan of the slithery reptiles and used to have 20 as pets in his home. Now he wants a whole “compound” created in two corners of a room

Ty Dolla $ign gets incredible fish tank with replicas of his awards on Tanked

Ty Dolla $ign gets an incredible fish tank on tonight’s episode of Animal Planet’s Tanked — which includes replicas of his awards. The hip-hop star signs up the show’s Wayde, Brett and Robert “Robbie Redneck” Christlieb to build him a centerpiece fish tank in his plush home in Long Beach. And he is stunned when he


NBA all-star Paul George gets Tanked

On this episode of Tanked, NBA all-star Paul George is looking for a pair of fish tanks to go along with his existing indoor pond. The Indiana Pacers star is off to the Rio Olympics and is hoping the team can have them ready by the time he gets back. Wayde tells George they can build

Tyga wants aquarium filled with MONEY on Tanked

On Animal Planet’s Tanked this week, rapper Tyga wants a bank-vault aquarium that looks like it’s filled with MONEY. The multi-millionaire musician is kitting out his new home and shows fish tank experts Brett Raymer and Wayde King around to find a suitable place for the new water-filled addition. They settle on an enclave of