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Zappos employees sleeping with the fishes on amazing Tanked finale

Tanked sleeping pod tank for Zappos
Tanked sleeping pod tank for Zappos goes down a treat

This week on the Tanked season finale, the CEO of online shoe and clothing shop Zappos reckons his employees need a nap room that has something a bit special about it.

Tony Hsieh certainly does not want his staff sleeping with the fishes but a little nap in the relaxing environment of a huge fish tank could be just the thing, and Brett Raymer and Wayde King from Tanked are just the guys to create what he is looking for.

They plan a 24-foot-long tank that has a series of sleeping pods with views of the tank, a really unusual and immersive place to chill out or nap. Constructed in Zappos Headquarters, the huge structure is one of the team’s most ambitious projects to date and Hsieh is keen for them to go all out to create something really remarkable.

Zappos employees go wild when they see the new HQ tank
Zappos employees go wild when they see the new HQ tank

Check out the crazy reaction of the staff as the amazing tank is unveiled!

Tanked airs on Fridas at 9 PM on Animal Planet.

James Wray

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