NBA all-star Paul George gets Tanked

NBA all-star Paul George gets Tanked
NBA all-star Paul George explains what he is after from the Tanked team

On this episode of Tanked, NBA all-star Paul George is looking for a pair of fish tanks to go along with his existing indoor pond.

The Indiana Pacers star is off to the Rio Olympics and is hoping the team can have them ready by the time he gets back.

 Paul George
Paul George has a stunning home but he thinks some amazing tanks will just bring it all together

Wayde tells George they can build a tank anywhere in his house, but the athlete has his own ideas. He shows them downstairs where he has a cool, but empty, indoor pond. Upstairs is for family but downstairs is where the guys hang out and he wants to make use of the currently useless pond.

NBA all-star Paul George gets Tanked
Paul George’s indoor pond is currently looking a bit sad but you can bet it will be awesome on the reveal

However, he also wants not one, but two matching tanks either side of the door but with different fish and look to each.

Agnes asks him why he wants a tank and George tells her that he had fish when he was growing up and he is also a fan of the show. He’s seen the amazing work they’ve done for the likes of Shaq and he is looking for something equally stunning.

Watch Tanked – Going for the Gold at 10 PM on Animal.

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