Simon Cowell doesn’t want his son to audition for America’s Got Talent

A parent’s love is said to be unconditional, but that doesn’t mean that parents want to see their kids in every place — and some parents don’t want to see their kids on the America’s Got Talent stage. One such parent is AGT judge Simon Cowell, who hopes to never see his son on the


RIP Simon Cowell trends on Twitter leaving fans wrongly thinking he’s dead

With RIP Simon Cowell trending on Twitter on Thursday, it had plenty of people worried the popular television talent judge had met his demise. Numerous people on the social media site sent out tweets questioning what was said, and thankfully it appears that Cowell is still alive right now. Is Simon Cowell dead? The good


America’s Got Talent: The Champions Season 2 premiere date revealed

America’s Got Talent: The Champions Season 2 (yes, that is a mouthful) is coming to NBC this winter. The filler version of AGT did well last winter, leading to NBC bringing it back for another season. A new cast of acts from the past decided to give the show a try, and the network is

Dog routine on America’s Got Talent even gets Simon Cowell grinning

A hilarious dog routine on this week’s America’s Got Talent judges leaves the judges grinning  — even Simon Cowell. The Pompeyo Family’s act sees them perform a string of hilarious tricks with their motley group of mutts, while Simon, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel and guest judge Seal look on. At one point one