RIP Simon Cowell trends on Twitter leaving fans wrongly thinking he’s dead

simon cowell at agt photos
TV personality Simon Cowell isn’t dead even though a Twitter trend suggested he was. Pic credit: ©

With RIP Simon Cowell trending on Twitter on Thursday, it had plenty of people worried the popular television talent judge had met his demise.

Numerous people on the social media site sent out tweets questioning what was said, and thankfully it appears that Cowell is still alive right now.

Is Simon Cowell dead?

The good news is that the RIP Simon Cowell trend isn’t anything other than a hoax that went viral.

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Based on various reports online, including from Newsweek, there was an edit made to Cowell’s Wikipedia page adding information related to his death.

Here’s a look at the page edit that was made, as a Twitter user tweeted out a screenshot of the inaccurate edit.

The “25 June 2020” death information was added by an unknown user, leading to the confusion. That information is not true.

simon cowell wikipedia page changed
A look at Simon Cowell’s Wikipedia page which was inaccurately changed to show he had died. Pic credit: Wikipedia/Twitter screenshot

Right now, there’s no reason to believe Simon Cowell is dead. Neither Cowell nor anyone close to him has responded to the hoax. However, there are no official reports of his death from any legitimate sources.

Still, Twitter users were quick to believe it, with numerous tweets coming across the timeline with regards to the trend about the former American Idol judge.

Some laughed about the fact someone was able to change the Wikipedia page, while others questioned the #RIPSimonCowell trend.

simon cowell dead twitter update
Pic credit: @TheBmoreGamer/Twitter

What’s Simon Cowell been up to?

Cowell is the founder and chief executive of Syco, an entertainment company. He’s also well known for being a judge on American Idol, The X Factor, and more recently, America’s Got Talent.

Adding to the rumors of his death, Cowell hasn’t been too active on social media lately. His most recent posts on both Instagram and Twitter pages arrived on June 16.

He posted a video that is over nine minutes long showing off his golden buzzer act Waffle NYC from America’s Got Talent.

Like many celebrities and personalities, he’s been away from the entertainment world as the coronavirus pandemic continues to be a significant concern. Many shows are on hiatus, and a lot of people are staying safe.

That said, it doesn’t mean Cowell is kicking back and doing nothing. In February, Variety reported that Cowell was getting involved in writing, as he delved into the world of children’s books.

He and his six-year-old son Eric were reportedly creating a seven-book series called Wishfits, which also involved the help of online creators from the online platform Tongal.

It’ll be another media venture for the man who seems to have a hand in so many different shows and entertainers’ careers.

The good news appears to be he hasn’t died, even though RIP Simon Cowell went viral. So don’t always believe those Twitter trends without an official report or confirmation from those close to Cowell.

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