Big Brother 20 live eviction results: Who went home week 1?

Big Brother 20 has already gotten off to a rocky start. Before anyone was even shown the door, the houseguests have been making headlines all over. After it was revealed that Faysal won the Power of Veto and chose not to use it, Sam Bledsoe and Steve Arienta remained on the block and in danger

Big Brother robot: Who is behind the screen?

Big Brother has had a lot of crazy things happen but a robot as a houseguest is definitely at the top of the list. Season 20 promised fans to expect the unexpected, and that is exactly what they got. The robot is actually Sam Bledsoe. She is the welder from Virginia. During the first competition,

Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who was nominated week 1?

Big Brother spoilers are inevitable, especially on social media. The time has come for fans to gear up and get ready to spend the next three months living and breathing Big Brother 20. If you aren’t keen on spoilers, exiting now will keep your eyes safe from knowing who the first round of nominations may

Sam Bledsoe: Who is the Big Brother 20 houseguest?

Sam Bledsoe stood out immediately as the 16 houseguests for Big Brother 20 were interviewed by Ross Mathews during the cast reveal. The 27-year-old hails from Virginia and is a welder. Throwing her into a house in California with a bunch of strangers is going to be interesting. She is “multifaceted”, something she described herself