Big Brother 20 spoilers: Will Sam Bledsoe self-evict or be pulled out for medical reasons?

Sam in the diary room crying
Sam is getting emotional in the Big Brother house

Big Brother 20 has been filled with a lot of ups and downs. The emotional state of Sam Bledsoe has been called into question following the events over the last week or so.

Sam Bledsoe has been having a hard time in the Big Brother house. During week 1, she was punished for losing the first competition and was nominated for eviction. Robot Sam was something the houseguests enjoyed but it made her feel isolated and lonely.

She has been voting with Tyler and Level 6 (now 4) since the beginning. Sam Bledsoe has played the middle, for the most part, not siding with either side in public.

Confiding in Tyler was something she did early on, but when she found out about his power app, Sam felt betrayed.

Last Thursday, Sam Bledsoe was reportedly trying to self-evict. She wanted to go home and threatened to not vote in the live eviction that eventually sent Bayleigh to the jury house. Sam was the lone vote to keep Bayleigh while everyone else voted her out.

During that show, Sam wore glasses to conceal the fact that she had been crying in the hours leading up to the eviction. Since then, she has been having an emotional time.

According to tweets from a very reliable source, Sam Bledsoe is reportedly going to be evaluated by a doctor in the diary room. While the source is not saying that there are some mental health issues, they have confirmed there are some red flags.

Viewers noted that during the Sunday night show, Sam Bledsoe was talking rather aggressive. She mentioned curb stomping someone to JC. When he questioned whether or not the person would die, she didn’t seem phased when she answered him.

There is a possibility that Sam Bledsoe could leave before the game is over. If that is the case, Big Brother will have to compensate for that. They are already trying to figure out how to keep the extra week because of Kaitlyn Herman failing the bonus life challenge.

As of now, Sam Bledsoe has not left the Big Brother house and there is no update about her current condition. Live feed viewers are watching to see what happens next. If she goes, there will be drama to follow.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c and Thursday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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