Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who was nominated week 1?

Big Brother week 1 nominations have been revealed
Big Brother 20 week 1 nominations have been revealed

Big Brother spoilers are inevitable, especially on social media. The time has come for fans to gear up and get ready to spend the next three months living and breathing Big Brother 20.

If you aren’t keen on spoilers, exiting now will keep your eyes safe from knowing who the first round of nominations may be. The live feeds have not yet started, but sources who are producing the information given are reliable.

Just a few days ago, we revealed to you that the first Head of Household competition had been played. It looks like the HoH has finally chosen who to nominate, and we can reveal that the decisions seem to be based on thought rather than like/dislike.

According to RealVegas4sure, the first nominations are Steve Arienta and Sam Bledsoe. This isn’t shocking, especially if they didn’t enter the house more reserved than some.

Keep in mind, there is still the Power of Veto to be played, where one of them could save themselves. At this point, it is unknown whether or not the PoV will be played before the premiere on Wednesday night or if it will be played after fans get to meet the players and learn a little bit about what the last few days have revealed.

Steve Arienta is the resident old guy, which could be why he is nominated. As for Sam Bledsoe, there really isn’t any reason made clear about why she would be chosen.

Everything is still very much up in the air, especially with the PoV still not played. The only person safe for sure this week is Tyler as he is the reigning HoH.

Big Brother 20 premieres on Wednesday, June 27 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. 

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