Sam Bledsoe: Who is the Big Brother 20 houseguest?

Sam Bledsoe, in her profile picture for Big Brother 20
Sam Bledsoe will be joining the cast of Big Brother 20

Sam Bledsoe stood out immediately as the 16 houseguests for Big Brother 20 were interviewed by Ross Mathews during the cast reveal.

The 27-year-old hails from Virginia and is a welder. Throwing her into a house in California with a bunch of strangers is going to be interesting.

She is “multifaceted”, something she described herself during the interview process.

Sam is a fan of the outdoors and is big into fishing and swimming, both of which could help her in the competitions. Her experience as a welder could also come in useful in that regard. The games that take strategy and precision to win will likely be the ones she excels in.

Sam Bledsoe is pegged to finish in the middle of the pack but has the potential to go even further if she plays her cards right.

During her interview with Ross Mathews, she said her favorite Big Brother player was Daniele Donato, one of the most fierce female houseguests of all time.

If Bledsoe can muster up a game similar to her favorite player, she will certainly have a shot at making it to the final three.

Keep an eye out for Sam Bledsoe, she is one to watch for sure!

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