getTV’s Black History Month is a nostalgia bomb of phenomenal talent

The archives of American chat shows and variety shows of the 1960s and 70s held a vault of talented performances from so many musicians — especially African American bands and performers who lit up the stages with songs that resonated for the times and were pop megahits that nobody missed. Now getTV tips their hat in

Nostalgia Bomb: Krautrock

In the late 60’s and early 70’s, German musician’s looked for new sounds and a new style, abandoning the traditional structures of British Rock and American Blues in favor of repetitive drones, experimental textures and psychedelic jams. Catching on to these new sounds, the English speaking press dubbed the movement Krautrock. Unfortunately, the people that

Nostalgia Bomb: Five Underworld Essentials

For this week’s Nostalgia Bomb, we take you to the deep, dark, and mysterious realm of what is known as Underworld. A British electronic group formed in the 1980’s, Underworld has seen a cult following and some major commercial success early on, as some of their music was featured in the movie, “Trainspotting” in 1996.


Nostalgia Bomb: Captain Beefheart’s Five Essentials

O Captain! My Captain! Captain Beefheart has had a very special place in my heart since the ripe age of 10. It was not until I got older and started to have a better understanding for music that I could fully grasp how much of a genius and impeccable musician this man was. So, let’s


Nostalgia Bomb: Anti-Summer Anthems from 1985

Schools are letting out, the days are getting sweatier and soon enough, summer will be coming on strong. For now, let’s embrace the remaining days of a gloomy June with a Goth-y bit of nostalgia from the summer of ’85. These 10 songs (all released between June-September ’85) are sure to strike a chord with